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It’s show time folks.
I’m feeling good today, I got the Glow…its like a cinnamon reddish glow right now, but it’ll be Bruce Leroy “gold” tonight!

So what’s the next best thing to buying tickets to the Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour???…read below

Catch me performing TONIGHT at:
Merlins – 727 Elmwood Ave, near Breckenridge St.
Buffalo, NY
Doors open at 9pm

Most people always ask, “So when are you going on stage..?”
So lets do this Jeopardy style:
“Alex, I’ll take SHOW TIME for $500”
Answer: “As soon as “yo mama” get there”
Contestant response: “What time does Edreys perform at Merlins?”

See you there and bring your peoples, your paper ($) and lets party..




(Above – Clip from my next video: Fully illustrated and animated video: COMING SOON!)

So check it out people…just for a minute here, pretend you are thumbing through the classified section of a newspaper for something interesting, positive, worthwhile and FREE to do. Amazingly enough, you’re feeling lucky today and you stumble across something that reads as such:

Be Part of the Movement Seeking dedicated, sociable, resourceful, and enthusiastic women; who are driven to the full aspect of music. DTR and 25 Hour Entertainment are building a professional street team for this spring and summer. If you have a positive interest, please contact, or call (716)605-7479 for more information or to sign up.

Get Involved! Please cut out this classified and paste it on your refrigerator with Elmers. Pass the link onto your friends and family that may be interested. I beg of you to do this and participate for the following reasons:
***This may prevent you from contracting the “aintnuthin” disease…” responsible for  the “Aintnuthin to do in Buffalo syndrome”. Consider this a vaccine. Get your shots today
***DTR and 25 Hour Entertainment needs you
***I NEED YOU!!! My MUSIC needs YOU!!

act now and you’ll receive a Rebel Radio III Cd for only $Free.99..thats right….$FREE.99



(Above) THE MOTIVATOR (It aint hard to tell…again..and again..)

One “little” BIG reason to smile. I go home with her every night…Now THATS something to smile about..LOL.. We are standing next to one of the first “original” drawings that I sold from my first solo art show. MO’ reasons to smile…Beautiful thoughts yield beautiful things. luv you Lex!



The Givens Girls…well two of the three anyway….once again…
my advice for the day…
“keep some good people around you and good things may find their way into your life.”



(above) THE CREATORS “It aint hard to tell who they are”

In the words of the Streets Disciple when we knew him as Nasty Nas
…”It aint hard to tell…” Hence the post. It aint hard to tell why you finding me smiling most times in pictures, unlike other rappers, emcees, producers, hip-hoppers etc…
I know thats against the rules in Hip Hop..HA!!
My life is so beautiful and I have to say that I am truly thankful for the ‘beautiful people” that have contributed in one way or another to making my days wonderful and meaningful.
To all the stong women who have influenced me and showed me how to treat women with respect…I THANK YOU FOR RAISING THIS GENTLEMAN. I guess thats why I have two boys of my own…we must need MORE gentlemen.

So here are some more important people that make all the difference in the world. “Acknowledge your “peoples” NOW while they’re around…instead of “remembering” them after they are in the ground” – Edreys


(Above) THE PROTECTOR “It aint hard to tell..again..”

She’s the one responsible for me not getting caught up in the hood nonsense. Couldn’t get in trouble with a sister like mine. She always got the job done, cause she wasnt gonna let ME get HER in trouble by not doing her job and gettin my butt back home on time. luv u!



(Above) Basically…

You LOVE how I spin words around…Playa Haters..Playa Haitus…get it?!?….
WHATEVER…i thought it was a clever play on words.

Anyways, I was on a very long vacation without much technology, therefore my blog reflected my absence. But there is always good news, like…
1) I wasn’t locked up
2) I’m not writing you from the prison library computer, hence good news #1
3) In the words of DJ Khaled…I’m still…”THE BEESSSSST”

I was out in San Fran for a nearly a week without my Mac, BUT I took lots of pictures and have many things to share and talk about. So, make sure you check back…unless I hit you first.



When you give your best at something, all that you can do is put it out there and hope that the people you are trying to reach, will give you their time and attention. With that said, this morning, my friend “The Black Brad Pitt” discovered that we reached and touched someone with the “I Like It” video. When I created the song, the furthest thing from my mind was pairing it with the Obama Campaign. Check out the video below.
Watch and listen how some of the lyrics match with the images he uses. Schweeet!!


YES We Can!
Will I Am


Check out Edreys LIVE at the Merriweather Library, giving it to em’ old school style. No mic in hand, no band or DJ…just me in a room of listeners.

Courtesy of ThinkTwice radio

Be sure to check out the other featured poets and events at the Merriweather Library of Buffalo. HERE
Thanks and shouts to Rose!!!