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A while back I mentioned an artist named Goldi who I met years ago in Atlanta through my man Trev. In the post I mentioned how I admired his work and how I joked that I would one day steal his sketchbooks. The dude is Jimmy Walker with the skills…DY-NO-MITE!!! Well, I’m a little late but his work was just featured in a major music video by one of the most colorful hip hop artists in the industry, very well known for the visuals and creativity in his videos. The piece above is featured in the new Busta Rhymes video “Don’t Touch Me”  in a scene reminiscent of the ground-breaking Whoo-Ha video directed by Hype Williams.

Congrats Goldi!!!

NEW Busta Rhymes video




Good Grief!! What happened to originality? Uniqueness? Well thanks to Kanye, everyone wants to be…umm.. Kanye. Thanks Kanye. The glasses were everywhere on the Warped Tour. The vendors made a nice penny I’m sure from the wannabe’s.

Shame on me for not thinking ahead of the curve and becoming a trendy vendor instead of a performer. LOL

DANG IT!! Just wait. My next move is so ahead though, I don’t think anyone will be ready for this one.

Jheri Curls, headbands, ripped shirts and muscles with provocative dance moves. Can you dig THAT!!??

I kept it low-res so the biters can’t jack my style right away. Hee Hee!!


One of my favorite experiences, now one of my favorite memories from the Warped Tour occurred while in Cincinnati, OH. We played the gig at this huge grounds called Riversbend, which is also the first time I had ever seen a real race horse track. One mile long in circumference and the dirt still fresh with horse shoe prints in it. I’m not particularly a horse lover or an equestrian but I felt like a little kid, musing at how large the track was, seeing the starting gates, the stands and seats, the dirt etc.

Fast forward, FFW, FFD >>>…whichever you chose. Later that night we hooked up with a friend of Tones who stayed not too far from our performance and a short ways away from our next day gig. So we hung out at his studio while some other cats were working in the booth and DJ LoPro and I challenged each other in Table Tennis aka Ping Pong. I wish we had the camera rolling for that game. We had some good spins, slams, death defying saves and all-out humor during the game.

Now to get to the pictures above and below: Basically here it is. We crashed at this really nice pad/condo with Tommy (guy with the studio) and when we walked into the dining room at about 3 am in the morning, we found this basket on the table. We we’re really hungry at this moment, but the gesture was worth a million dollars and a weeks stay in Belize. Tommy’s girlfriend wanted to make us feel at home and she ran out and copped a couple snacks or as she refers to them “Gas Station Favorites.”

Thanks Taryn and Tommy! You guys are special. 5 Stars!!!

Oh! P.S. – She even left some Corona in the fridge for the brothers. I don’t drink but thats still awesome!

Letter Reads: Hey Guys! Not enough notice to provide any healthy choices, but please feel free to enjoy some “gas station favorites!” Water, pops and a few Coronas are in the fridge. Pillows and blankets in the front room. Towels in the upstairs bathroom behind the door. Make yourselves at home. – Taryn


Sorry for putting the kicks in your face, but after all the walking, my “dawgs were talking.” Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour 2008, with a little time to reflect. Much love and respect to the “DTR45 Crew” for hitting the road and making it fun, memorable and tolerable. There’s nothing worse than traveling or hanging with a bunch of clowns for an extended amount of time. So I thank the intelligent minds that traveled along.
Thanks Yall! :DJ LoPro (Mr. Blame it on me. It’s cool!), A1 (Mr. Where in the world is A1?), Sean Harwell (Mr. I Can Sell an iPod to Steve Jobs) and T1X (Mr. Passing in the Right Lane is Illegal).

Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis were incredibly “HOT.” I’m not using “hot” as a slang word for “great time, dope, fun or exciting…I’m talking 95 degrees with humidity Hot! But to be clear, despite the heat, we met good people and had great time!

The days went pretty much like this:
Check-in time: 10am or earlier to find out what time our performance was going to be.
Sharpies: We wrote what the performance time on small flyers and canvased the parks hitting anyone who “looked” like they knew what hip-hop was
Hustle: Pushed Cd’s and tees all day and networked
Show: Performed. Do the daayumm thang!!
Post-Show: Mo’ and Mo’ Hustling. Sean was top seller by far. Killin’ em!

A mighty Thank You again to all of the locals who came out to show support at the Darien Lake show. Congrats to Drew and Mike (contest winners) for not only “knowing their hip hop” but for being able to take a day off work and hopefully found some time to enjoy the festivities.

Lastly, Peace to the Entire Skull Candy crew, Add.verse, Othello, Dante, Pirate Signal, Joel, Two Mics and a Kick, Twilight Sentinels, DJ TopSpeed for the heavy rotation, Geoff with GFist (great hook-up homie), and ummm a whole lot of others. Oh yeah, Kyle and Kurt…Hope to talk with you guys soon.


I’m too young to know much of anything at all about the famed Buffalo Braves Basketball team that once entertained Buffalonians on the hardwood. In the past few years there have been throwback fitted Buffalo Braves caps popping up, but not unfortunately, not many people are wearing them to pay homage to the legendary team, but more like a fashion statement.

Well, the following event was derived to keep the legends alive. We’re talking about “Ballers!” Athletes with their names immortalized in record books and cemented into the local playgrounds and ballparks as mythical legends with superhuman abilities while on the court. See some of these legends in person as they create more historic highlights versus each other while raising money for a good cause. A generous donation of $4.00 is all they ask for you to be entertained with B-Ball, comedy and music, while contributing to scholarships for inner-city youth to attend basketball camps. Read further to find out who is confirmed to participate in this years event. Peace to my man…Kenny Ferguson. “Do well brother!”