Quick question: Having a gun makes you hard. (TRUE / FALSE)
correct answer at the bottom

I’ve never needed to carry a pistol, gun, burner, toast, gat, heat, biscuit, iron, hammer, steel, ratchet or any other slang derivative for a firearm. I certainly don’t need to ACT like I have one and consider putting on a “super thug” costume while I’m creating my music. For me, it’s the simple understanding of the law of attraction, no more no less.
I spend my time attracting wealth and wellness, family and fun etc. I believe that when you carry that “heater,” that “burner,” that “cannon,” that it literally attracts that same likeness to you. We learn that scientifically, opposites attract, but in the universal concept, the law of attraction will manifiest and grant you all that you are and have desire for.
So, if you are a “hammer toting” thug/hood/rapper, want-to-be or otherwise…Expect that you will attract the drama that may cause you to have to use that gun or have some one exercise their “hammer” on you.

As you can see from the proof (above)…EDREYS IS TO BIG FOR GUNS!!!
Stop shooting each other and shoot for the stars!

ANSWER: TRUE – Having a gun makes you hard.
Hard, stiff, smelly and in the dirt. OR Doing HARD time!

Check the qoutes from the single/video “I LIKE IT
qoutable – 1) “I’m going hard like I got a prescription/
A gun’s the only thing I got a problem with liftin”

qoutable -2) “I aint scared, you aint ever popped lead/
I shoot thoughts in your ear to ricochet in your head”


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One response to “MR. BIG SHOT

  • Morgan

    My comment is simply this…. as best spoken by Dres of Black Sheep on the intro song “U mean I’m not” of the album “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”:

    Yo motherfucker
    What the fuck you lookin’ at
    Yo, get out my motherfuckin’ face right now…..

    Yo man, trip this
    I was out on the ave man
    This dude wouldn’t let me roll
    So I pulled out my mother fuckin’ nine
    And I SMOKED HIS ASS…………

    Woke up, didn’t choke up
    Saw my AK, it was broke up
    Put it together like a jigsaw
    Got my nine, and my Rambo knife off the floor
    Went to the bathroom, and beat the rush
    Yo, who the fuck used my toothbrush
    Went to my sister’s room, yo bitch, wake up
    You stupid ass, dirty ass, nasty ass slut
    Shot her in the leg, shot her in the thigh
    Kick her in the pussy and punched her in the eye
    Slapped her in the head, stepped on the cord
    Don’t fuck with my bitch, word is born
    Went downstairs to eat wit my folks
    Ma, you broke the fuckin’ egg yoke
    Punch her in the chest, it got on her cheek
    Then I did a sweep, knocked the bitch off her feet
    Knee to the pussy, kick to the skull
    AK y’all shot the bitch in the temple
    Pop got mad ’cause mom got licked
    I didn’t give a fuck so I shot him in the dick
    Hungary as fuck, said my grace
    Pop kept screamin’ so I shot him in the face
    Ate my food, found my coat
    Mailman came so I cut his mother fuckin’ throat
    Waitin’ for the mother fuckin’ school bus!!!

    Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Dres, yo Dres
    Wake up man, wake up
    What’s wrong with you man
    Yo, I had a mother fuckin’ dream, man
    What the fuck was the dream about Gee
    I dreamed that I was hard

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