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At the Top of the Year, kicking it off with me being a featured artist in the first 2011 issue of the sleek, opulent and upscale magazine, “Traffic.” Check it out at Talking Leaves, Borders and/or Premiere Gourmet. Read HERE.

Through the years, I’ve heard many people refer to me as a Renaissance Man; one of many trades, roles and talents and interestingly enough I’m multi-tasking as I write this post. I’m in the kitchen with the laptop sitting on the counter aside bowls, knives and fruit ready to be chopped for the first breakfast of 2011. Being a dad and husband has always come first and it’s the job that I love most above any of the art, music and entertainment things that I’m involved in, so cooking and preparing food is my pleasure. My wife and I have also taken on our first major remodeling project of the year as I’m wearing dusty clothes from the demolition in our bathroom which has been underway for the past few days. So, in typical BDW fashion, the number of irons in the fire hasn’t decreased in the least bit.

Last year was a blast, given the back to back successes of “Shut the Gate,” “Just Doin’ It” and “Run” plus the “Run – Remix,” cumulatively boosting the Youtube stats to more than 1.6 million views of my top videos combined. Many thanks in part to the DTR45 staff, Tone X, Kate and Dom and friends.



Photo by Terrance Jennings via okayplayer

Day 35 of the Grammy Chase, what else would I be writing about. huh? Thanks to, I stumbled across some cool video of the Roots Jam Session, an after party concert among many in Los Angeles, featuring Grammy Nominees John Legend, Mos Def and my favorites Foreign Exchange and Ledisi backed by the Legendary Roots Crew, Jimmy Fallon’s in-house band.
I like how at the beginning of the video, Phonte of Foreign Exchange shares how even though they didn’t win a grammy, they can now and forever throughout their career mention and introduce themselves as “The Grammy-Nominated Foreign Exchange.” Oh how I’ll love to hear, “Grammy-Nominated  artist, Billy Drease” right before a presentation or a performance. I’ll let you know that feels like later.


Day 34 of the Grammy Chase and feeling GREAT! Woke up early and stayed on my feet this time, no bed-diving. Looking forward to my meeting this afternoon at Colter Bay Grille if you’d like to join, going “dutch” that is. The artwork is nearly completed for the album and I’m anxiously itching to deliver the files and get this over with so I can make more moves and implement the plans on deck.
I’ll be posting the artwork soon, but here’s a sample. Photo by Sean Harwell, location Maureen’s Flowers. Thanks to Aaron Bartley and his mom. Sup Susie!?! Peace


Had the opportunity to be the opening act at UB’s Fall Fest 2009. Great time! Great fun. The sound was pumpin’, the set was tight, Richie sounded great, Tone on the 1’s and 2’s, plus we looked real dope on the Jumbo Screen.
LINE UP: BDW – Jadakiss – Busta Rhymes – Common – Lupe Fiasco


Check out the pics by my man Clark Dever. HERE.
..and HERE



Thank you to Brandon and Press@ Record Theatre for the opportunity to rock LIVE on their historic grounds. Thank you to ALL that attended and help make it a wonderful time.  SPECIAL special SHOUTS to DJ Tiger of WBNY 91.3fm for holding me down and Ed and DJ LoPro for going above and beyond helping me out in the crunch. Carma, Peelahr, thanks a bunch. Peace! 



My appreciation can’t be quantified or put into words, but you do have my commitment to continue putting out quality work, and being a better person and greater artist than I was the days prior. Thank you for the nominating me, Billy Drease as the Best Hip Hop Act in Buffalo. Props to the ARTVOICE for highlighting and rewarding Buffalo’s Best. Winners here! Congrats to all the nominees and winners. Peace!

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If THIS isn’t a glimpse into the future, what is….
I guess I need to get a dog named Astro.



Artist/Photographer Matt Siber: Dope stuff….