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One emcee, one DJ, no featured rappers! How unheard of is that!? When you pick up your favorite rappers cd, you’ll often wonder who’s album you actually purchased due to each song having a darned featured rapper or singer on it. We’ll the CLASSIC is nearly 60 minutes in length of some of the most creatively written and jaw-dropping rhymes to date from Edreys, capturing the definition of emceeing. Also, DJ LoPro cleverly mixed these 20 burning “hot” tracks with interludes, original sampled songs along with cuts and scratches, exhibiting what DJ’s are supposed to do, which is move the crowd and give you some ear candy.

On this Cd, Edreys refreshes the “Freshest” of songs that we remember and hold dear, with all new original lyrics and a performance all their own as not to try and recreate a classic song, but reclaiming the sound.
On “The Story” Edreys tells a street tale about how one man rises and falls in the drug game, parallel to the straight and honest rise and fall of another man in the music industry and how their lives intertwine and their inevitable confrontation. This story is told over the ever-popular “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick.

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(Above: tee is much more yellow than appears here)
The Big Tees are no longer a “tease” and we’re delivering them hotcake style, oven mitten not included.
This particular tee is called “The Kang”, or “King” with southern twang… and today we’re playing by the “Kang’s Rools.” That’s right..The KANGS ROOLS!!!

Rool# 1 – Visit the online store today and check the goodies daily. Buy!

No other Rools seem necessary at this point, so do “first things first, second things never.”

Detail of the Blue “Kang” tee.

Also, we hope that you enjoy these other fresh tees right from the Bakery! Eat em’ up!

What does this Obama tee have to do with my music? Nothing really, besides that fact that it’s “FRESH”
and I’m down for some change too. Can we have everybody rocking this tee in a few weeks?? YES…WE..CAN!!
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Also, the Billy Drease face logo tee is now available in bright, eye catching colors.

Big shouts to Ivy and Goldi. I appreciate yall..I DO!!!


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What if Barack Obama was my DJ? We’d probably be making “diss” records aimed at McCain, and all the heads in the streets would REALLY be encouraged to go out and vote due to our proclaimed “street cred.”

In the words of Christopther Williams, “…if I’m dreaming, then just let me sleep…don’t wake me up until my dream is complete..”


PROPS to Sean Harwell Photography for the image.

With the Summer well underway, things are going to really heat up when the “CLASSICS” Cd drops. What is the “CLASSICS?” Most people would consider it a mixtape, which is specifically why I’ve avoided calling a mixtape. Please allow me to selfishly quote an incredible and wise man, who oddly enough happens to be myself…”I don’t make mixtapes, I make Classics.”
NOTE: Right about here I should thank Rameer from Official Heat for inspiring that line out of the mind of yours truly.

The reason I so stubbornly refuse to call it a mixtape is because I’m a purist. I remember when mixtapes were MIXTAPES. A product presented and listened to from and actual “tape cassette.” A product where DJ’s were actually “MIXING” and “scratching the records that you loved. SOOO…with that said…there are alot of fraudulent characters calling things mixtapes when they are actually on a Cd, which I, from the purist side of things have a problem with.

All that said, this CD does reflect the essence of a real “mixtape” with cuts by DJ LoPro and real dope music, properly blended and “MIXED” together in a cohesive and tasteful sequence. There are guest appearances as well from DJ Cutler, new artist Riella formerly Babii Doll, producer Great Don and back-up singer Mizike.

“Moving on”…The CLASSICS is a collection of some of the “best” hip-hop songs ever performed, but in instrumental form with new and original lyrics from Mr. Billy Drease. Let me also say, there is “NO FRONTING” on this product. Meaning, for those of you that buy mixtapes (cd’s) and actually believe that just because the track says “freestyle” that your favorite emcee is actually freestyling! PLEASE wake up! There is no freestyling on this cd, the material that you’ll hear was crafted specifically for each respective track is a structured song form. If I indicate something as a freestyle, it will be brand new, unwritten, unscripted and FRESH from out of my head as a TRUE freestyle should be. Meanwhile, enjoy the false advertising of freestyles on your favorite DJ’s mixtapes.

I’ll post the product real soon. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS IT!!


The I LIKE IT tees are still hittin’ em and becoming more appropriate and stylish as the summer heats up. Leta, a young lady from Toronto who bought a shirt at the Levack Block show earlier this year, put her creative hands to work and scissored the I LIKE IT shirt to a sexy, unique design all her own. The back is cut out and only held together by thinly cut strips of the shirt itself. GO LETA!! GO LETA!!
For the ladies worried about a shirt no fitting them correctly, talk to Leta and maybe she can hook you up
And for the suspect fellas who want a shirt like the one above…”DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!”

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Congratulations to our two winners who answered the mini-trivia questions correctly.
Mike Cooke and Andrew Miller will be attending the Warped Concert at Darien Lake as Edreys aka Billy Drease Williams and the Dope45s featuring DJ LoPro kick off their tour on home turf.

One of the groups I’m excited to see is called 3OH!3. Check them out here:

They are scheduled to perform at Darien Lake as well. Some good Techno-Rap, with humor attached.

(peep the “Battle” with Boom Box included between the “heart” and the cancer “cigarette”)

Please buy tickets here.
Thanks to all of the contestants and we hope to see you there July 24.
A mighty Thank you goes to DJ Add.Verse.
Peace all!