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Aight. So “I Like It” is an international smash, and I’m running out of languages for the song to be translated. Now mind you, the interpretor is doing it for free and has never been out of the country, BUT, since I don’t speak any of these languages, I have to roll with what my man is sayin’. Sounds good to me. LOL!!
Japanese: 私はそれを好む
Russian: я люблю оно
Italian: lo gradico

I’ll keep you all posted as we travel through Spain with an entourage of “I Like It” fans from city to city. I’m looking forward to a great time. 80 during the day, 65 at night…but i’m taking my bubble goose coat with me, not for Spain but for Buffalo. Buffalo’s weather tends to have no concept of seasons and that there are rules to this game called “nature.” Like, after March, the temperature should NOT drop below 40. Maybe she didn’t get the memo. So just in case, I’ll be ready for the “hawk” when I return to Buffalo from sunny Spain.

Thank you ALL for the support, prayers and best wishes. YEeeAAahhhh!!!
love you lex.




A “Mighty” Thank You to the good people at WBFO. We are all pleased to announce that Edreys will be the first Hip Hop performance of the ongoing LIVE at Allen Hall Music series hosted by WBFO. (I had to say that part in 3rd person..sounded more cool and official)

There will be many reminders leading up to the show, as the venue holds 180, and we aim for each seat to have a big juicy one or bone skinny bottom occupying it…only to be told during the show..”GET UP OUT OF YOUR SEATS and WAVE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIIIRRR…etc etc etc.

It’s going to be a high-energy show, entertaining, funny and historical. So be there to be a part of history as they will air it LIVE on radio, video tape (along with interview) and podcast. Oh! AND ITS FREE!!!!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. We all love the cost of $free.99


For those of you who follow along with what I write (what up Mark??), I joked around on a previous entry about having the first iChair, an invisible stool capable of creating a levitating illusion. Well, guess what…

I’m still joking! HA! Although, this is mighty close to what I was talking about. Kanye mentioned this cat on his blog, and I was surely interested in learning more about the artist. You can look him up and see that he is definitely a talented and technical artist who respects but has also figured out a way to defy gravity.

Johan Lorbeer – German Street Performer


A recipe for laughter! Thanks to my good people at Official Heat, this little animated clip has provided much needed humor throughout the week.

(Favorite part begins at 1:10 into the clip…”But I don’t see you!”)
I LOVE this joint. 

If your ears have been tuned to the radio, or the music videos on television, even a little bit, then you should have heard of T-Pain and Akon. They are both responsible for chart-topping hit records with titles such as:

“I’m Locked Up”
“I wanna (blank) You” – radio version is “I wanna Love You” – figure it out
“I’m N Luv (wit a Stripper)”  – Not a typo
“Buy you a Drank”

Akon and T-Pain have multi-platinum success with albums titles like KONVICTED and RAPPA TERNT SANGA, respectively. 
WOW!! What incredible aspirations the artists of today have. Convicts; Alcoholics; Strippers….SCHWEEEET!!!

For those of you that have no idea how to interpret T-Pains album title, Rappa Ternt Sanga…I’m actually embarrassed that I understand it myself. TRANSLATION: Rapper Turned Singer.

No disrespect, as I really just wanted to share the video, but once I started to look at the titles and think about the lyrics, I couldn’t help but address it a little bit. Even with that said…when these songs come on over the loud speakers at any gathering…they DO get people up and dancing, which I guess is what its all about for most of us.

GIT CHO MUNNA (ch-ching)




Above: Raekwon (L), Me, Kevin…I think his name was Kevin.

Ripley Continued: (The very sweet and pleasantly small town)
I think the restaurant at which we had a bite to eat, was the only joint in town. It was like CHEERS, the show…the staff knew EVERYONES name who walked through the door. It was very dated and old school, like on some 60’s old school stuff. All the people in there were white, with white hair nearly, as if they had lived in Ripley their entire lives, worked, raised families and had eaten many, many meals at the small diner.

I felt weird when I walked in and sat down, like I walked into a time warp. I felt stares, but I’m quite comfortable in any environment regardless of ANYTHING or anyone. It definitely felt like they hadn’t seen a “brotha” in their town in a looong time, if ever. I’m not sure at all what the diversity is like in Ripley, although I’m curious to investigate.

So, this guy walks in to the diner and he orders at the counter, and then shortly after, he turns to our table and leans over the table, as I was sitting in the inside of the booth, and he says to me…”Sir….can I ask you a question?”
I’m like “awww here we go..” “Yeah, whats up?,” I reply.
He asks..”Are you a….(pause)….a sailor?”
“No, why do you ask?” I respond.
…”Because you’re wearing a Pea Coat.”…
Then he just calmly walked out the diner and down the road as I watched from the window.

Now here I am thinking its some other kind of issue as to why they were staring at me, when it was only my Pea Coat. LOL!!!


(Above: Once again…do we look and smile ON 3? or is it 1, 2, 3, then smile? )

Sometime in March, I had the chance to do some speaking and poetic performing in the town of Ripley, NY. I was kindly invited by a friend named Celeste from the Buffalo Arts Council to be her guest along with local writer/performer, MC Vendetta. Ripley is 60 miles SW of Buffalo, so we’re talking ONLY a 45 minute drive or so. But OOOOH what a difference and hour makes.
There are only about 1700 residence in total that live in Ripley. There is ONE district school, that ALL the children attend, from Pre-K to 12. It was definitely a unique place. A guy named Mr. Shine was our host, and he does some wonderful things with the kids in Ripley, as well as a non-Profit he has in Africa. All of the students, parents and staff were GREAT to meet. They went over and beyond to make us feel at home.

All three of us, Celeste, Vendetta and myself, each shared our poetry with a crowd of maybe 35+ people (parents/kids). It was a very positive experience and we made a good connection with the children especially, for those of them that were into writing and performing. I love helping the youth, no matter where they are. The moment that you notice that you have touched the heart of at least one of them, makes any efforts worth while.

PT II to Ripley coming!!


(Above: Delicious home made oatmeal. I haven’t learned how to make fruit yet)

You see I had to do my little MTV “blur” thingy on the syrup. No FREE product placements..$$ Ch-Ching!!

BREAKFAST! Definitely my favorite meal of all. I love good food as much as I love good music. I guess I just love good stuff, period. I love good people too. Good places to shop, good movies and good restaurants. But the one thing I don’t think so good, is when I see this on the menu of diners/restaurants: (Breakfast served until 11am). OUCH!!

I need to be able to eat breakfast at ALL times of the day. What’s wrong with these places? It’s easier to whip up a short stack faster than it is to thaw, season and grill some meat…AINT IT?? (pardon the incorrect grammar..but ain’t it better than cursing)

Where are all the people that LOVE breakfast? The ones who can eat pancakes at 1 am in the morning just because they have the taste for some good ol’ eggs, milk, batter, cinnamon and vanilla.

Cheers to all the good people who love a good breakfast…

Oh one last thing…When I was in Atlanta for Trev and Maisha’s wedding some years ago, his brother Tommy and I went to the Waffle House. I’m crazy excited about having some good old southern styled breakfast, and I ask the young lady for a “TALL stack of pancakes”…she replies..”Dis is the Waffle House!…” So I’m like, OK…can I have a SHORT stack of pancakes then?
She says…”I SAID this is the WAFFLE HOUSE.”
Me and my “HUNGRY” Northern-self, firmly replies… “OK! What KIND of pancakes do you have then??”

She says slowly (southern accent included)…”THIS….IS…the ….WAFFLE….house!”…..
Humbly I say….”hmm..ok…sorry. what kind of WAFFLES do you have then”…..LOL
darn yankee