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A historic moment that I was incredibly pleased to be a part of. A collective of amazingly talented and gifted brothers in the Buffalo Hip Hop scene all in one place at the favor of the one, the only Kool Taj the Great. Kool Taj was shooting a video at the Theatre Loft during PUSH’s annual party and fundraiser. I TRULY respect ALL of these brothers, though I have never had a chance to record with many of them, we’ve at least shared the stage and mic at some point in our careers. There were countless others that weren’t present, however they were there in heart and spirit.

Photo: Noble Savage



Sean Harwell behind the lens, always bringing my vision to life. Finished product on the way.

SO HARD: Rated R

New video f/ Jeezy, but it isn’t Jeezy, Rihanna OR the music that makes this video sweet…the Video through a Photographers lens IS!


Great CLOSER for the end of the year!!…THIS is what I’m talkin bout!!


A Mighty THANK YOU to Charlie, JJ, Fred and Chas  for the hospitality at the 3rd Room!!…The Early Bird Listening Session took place last night and thanks to everyonee for their valuable time, input and concern. Special Thanks to:
A1 – Brian W. – Brian A. – DT – Demone Smith – Deuce Ellis – Ed –  Jason – Keisha – Kush B – Montique – Paul C. – Rashaad – Sufana – Suha – Summer & Tracy – Uriah. 

I’m actually considering a Part II, but we’ll see how things pan out, as the upcoming weeks leading into the new year are busy for everyone. Thank you again and stay tuned.

“SHUT THE GATE” now available on iTUNES

The single “Shut the Gate” with b-side “Just Doin’ It” is now available on iTunes and all of your favorite legal digital download sites. A mighty to THANK YOU to the Frosts in Cincy (Dame/Karyn) for probably being the first ones to cop it!!…love yall.

Go Now by clicking the link:


My man Dan the Under-Dog from Australia made it out to the show as well. Thanks for the love bro.