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Detail of drawing

This is a drawing I finished last night for my friend Mike (Mellow) in Arizona.
This portrait was LOOOONG over due, but it slid down the priority totem as my music starting taking shape and demanding some love. So last night, my Sakura pens and I had a date and we cranked out this “Black Milk” Portrait. Look this guy up, he is super-talented both lyrically and musically. Be sure to give MelloMusic Group a listen as well.





(Above: Edreys and DJ LoPro)

Edreys and DJ LoPro will be putting it down this weekend, hope to see you there!
Thanks to all the people who made it to the Merlins show! See the flyer below for the details. PEACE!

SHOW @ Nietzsche’s
248 Allen Street
age: 18+
Doors open@8
Show starts@9
$13 advance – $15 at the door
Tix available @ – Tops Markets – Firebrand Footwear (Elmwood)





Collect this “Limited” pressing of the 7″ single by Edreys with songs “I LIKE IT” and “DUI” featuring production by Tone X and cuts by DJ Cutler.
Each is hand signed, and the cost is very affordable considering the limited quantity.


This perfect for the Collectors/Hobbyist, DJ’s and for the “Old School Heads” who can remember what a 45 record looks and feels like. We are very aware that this 7″ record won’t fit into your Cd player nor help you add it to your playlist on your iPod, but where it WILL fit is into a “Frame.” So get yours today! No turntable or adapter needed, just a frame, a hammer, a nail and a hook!

Thanks for your support!



Being creatures of habit can be a very cool thing, that’s if the habit is a positive one.
I can think of quite a few habits that aren’t too dope…ummm…for example, lets say…uh.. DOPE! There are tons of other names for “dope,” but that word takes me back to the old days when the elders would say things like, “I think that boy is on dope!” …or…”Girl! IS you crazaay…?? You on that dope again!??”

I got sidetracked, but as I was saying…What’s really dope about being a creature of habit (the good ones), like hittin’ the same place every Sunday morning for some delicious breakfast is…when you realize that the people around you are also on taking the “Habit Tablet.” I discovered two Sundays ago, that after months of going to this place that each time I order Tea, no matter the waitress, I get the same mug each time. So i took a picture of the “throwback mug” from 1984. I’ve enjoyed many tasty meals there along with yummy tea before noticing the cup/mug.

But i wonder if the Tea taste good because the old cup!? Yup! Cause’ it tastes different at home.



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Make your statment today and get your artist SIGNED “I LIKE IT” Tee!
Get this tee now with your choice of 4 different colors, all with an electric orange printed design. The design is the back of a pair of LIKE sneakers with the laces out to the side illustrated by Edreys and each hand-signed. So order your shirt today and rock it immediately or make your statement in the summer, when it’s TEE-Time!! Tee-Time is everyday for us…and WE LIKE IT!!

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Shouts: Brian for the concept, Tom “Poppeeee” @ Pavlovs for the print, Rich for the photo, SoapboxCreative for the shoot, and YOU for the support!

While you’re here, check the El Debarge Throwback – VIDEO



HUGE thanks to Dana and the creative team at the DOZENS…We worked together on a scrapbooking kit called the “Scrappers Delight,” now how dope and creative is that? Scrappers Delight??!! THATS HOT!! Only the old-heads will appreciate that one i guess.

Check them out and def support if you are a scrapper or know of someone who would enjoy their products.




Check out the new “iChair.” It’s a wireless, invisible stool that you can place and sit down on anywhere and makes you look like you are suspened in air. Only draw-back…”If you move your feet…you literally LOSE your seat!!!…gotta keep your bootie and your eye on this one.

CHECK OUT the interview below with DefinitelyAmazing!

INTERVIEW is also below, (for those of you who don’t like clicking)

DEFINITELY AMAZING: First of all let me say that it is an honor to have an artist with talents such as yours on Definitely Amazing. I listened to the music in depth and realized how powerful you are as an lyricist, so that brings me to my first question.

DA: When Edreys sits with pen and pad what is your thought process when creating such powerful lyrics?

EDREYS: Let me explain first, that my name defines who I am and what I do. Edreys is an arabic based name which translates to, “one who writes; one who masters the pen.” With that said, writing is almost a meditation, it’s not that difficult of a process. As I say in one of my songs, “One ear’s for the music and the other’s for God, so when I listen at the same time it turns into songs..” That’s what I do, I listen to the music, the beat and I tune into a frequency of creativity and let my hands write the thoughts. I think I’m one of the greatest at engaging the write words with the right music to make a beautiful marriage. Its like painting a picture with words and I aim at making each song my best song, my best painting so to speak.

DA: On a joint such as “Free” does your personal opinion give life to a song like this, or is it just how the people are feeling about a certain subject?

ED: All of my music starts with me. What I’m able to do though is say, “this is how I feel,” and at the same time be able to consider and reflect on the conditions and thoughts of the people as well. That allows me to get a message across in a more tactful way that’s not preachy. I always focus on the facts, you can’t go wrong with addressing things that have weight and can be proven with fact…otherwise…at the end of the day it is just an opinion, and you know what they say about those.

DA: The video for “I like It” is real dope, how did that song come about
and how did you put together such a dope relative video?

ED: Once again, lets take it back to the process. I made the beat
first and chilled on it for a couple days. When I sat down with it, I
was listening and envisioning… What is this music saying? There was
no real concept to it at the time besides just making something real
strong and fresh, so the lyrics were just a reflection of my roots, my
emceeing side, boasting how nice I am. All I wanted people to do was
respect the fact that out the gate, I can’t be slept on. As I said at
the end of verse 1: “…I do what I like I’m the man around here/ How
much you really like it is all I wanna hear.” The video was purely magical. A brother named Hezues R, with Eye On It productions came up with the concept along with DreHow from Media Music Inc (NYC). Hezues heard some songs of my tracks and picked that song himself,
which we (label/management) had no intention on running with. Once we heard the pitch for the treatment, the location etc…we put it in motion and the rest was magical. Truly! The way it all worked together, from the memorable young lady Eliza, to the boutique, the graffiti walls, the kids, the colors etc. All that in one day of shooting was incredible. I LIKE IT! You can’t say it without making a pun.

DA: Your a man of multiple talents, so what are some of the other things
besides music that people can look foward to this yr?

ED: I’m a poet, an emcee, a writer, a visual artist, an educator and an entrepreneur. Anything that falls in line with those, you’ll see me there. I’m working on a book of my writings, traveling art exhibits, working on a teen mentoring program to name a few. Also, I’m coordinating a historic event at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in September, celebrating the hip hop culture and fine art. I got plans bro!

DA: What music that’s out now that makes you say yeah that is definitely amazing?

ED: Selfishly, my own. Not because it’s mine, but because it truly is
amazing. Outside of that: Chrisette Michele is fire. James Brown is
eternally amazing, so I have to include him. John Legend. Will I Am is
killin’ it. DJ Spinna is crazy. Ryan Leslie is amazing for sure. I’m
still waiting to hear some new D’Angelo…that cat is an inspiration
too. I’m sorry man, there aren’t many things currently that makes me
do or feel much of anything, that’s why I still play my old stuff. “I’m a Jungle Brotha’, straight out the jungle (echo)..” You are what you eat…and all I eat is classics!