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My piece is 3rd picture, top left

This past weekend was the opening reception for HERO Design Studio’s first annual Vinyl Collectible Toys exhibit called “This B.U.D.’s for You.” Various artists from around the globe were provided with a blank (white) vinyl toy called a BUD, for which to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The reception was incredible, as each participating artist had no clue as to what the other artists submitted, so it was great to see everyones genuine reaction. 

I didn’t get a chance to meet all the artists, but one of my favorites was the scuba diver, with the old school divers suit on, it looks rusted and aged (2nd row, 3rd column), a guy named Adam from Toronto got busy on that one. Hero Design Studio owners even made time to contribute to the show (3rd pic, 4th over and 3rd pic, 2nd row, 1st toy). Can’t forget about my man Tom Rooney from Pavlov’s Togs, the very first piece at the top left corner, first picture. A “functional” piece of art work, (a working lamp).

Enjoy and pass it along



Top Billin’ on the design side of thangs!!! My new drawing/illustration for the new Tequila bottle.
Please take a minute to click the link and give the design above a 5 star rating, or whatever you feel, but preferably 5. I’m selfish I guess. Vote


After many, many months of development and drawing on my end and a couple thousand hours of editing on the animators end, the groundbreaking video GET FREE has finally been released into the ether. This video was inspired by a friend of mine at Media Music Inc., Andre Howard, who suggested earlier this year that I illustrate and draw my own video for GET FREE. This video is now the perfect tool for promoting what it is that I do. I’m an artist and a musician/entertainer, so what better way for me to display my talents and convey my messages than through image and sound.

I illustrated the drawings for the video on 4 separate panel boards using Sakura of America Pigma Micron Pens. The boards and drawings were then delivered to LifeGuard Productions in Rochester, NY for the animation process and video editing. Link

As America is witnessing the change of the guard, as is Hip-Hop.
Enter artist Edreys aka Billy Drease Williams with the perfectly
timed release of the new hit single “Get Free,” an anthem for change,
for reflection and for action. What also makes this hit single so
groundbreaking is the video may be the first of its kind, as this
animated video was entirely hand-illustrated by the artist himself,
truly making it unique with his own vision, artwork and direction.

“Get Free” is a visual masterpiece married with Edreys’ uncanny
command of the rhyme in which he communicates that no one is without
flaw or without vice but as a collective, everyone can independently
and interdependently “break the chain” and GET FREE!


A long time associate, neighbor and friend happens to be one of the most well-known DJ’s in Western New York and he goes by the name of DJ Hassan. Hassan has been DJ’n since we were kids. I actually remember hand-drawing a few posters/flyers for the All-High Party Jams that he used to DJ back in the day. So homeboy is “Official” with his skills and with his crates.

Well, DJ Hassan is having a very important fund-raiser and celebration this coming Sunday, Oct. 12. “DJ Hassan’s Party with a Purpose” featuring the legendary Big Daddy Kane, LIVE will also share proceeds from this event with Kaleida Health Early Childhood Center of Buffalo for Autism Awareness.

As a matter of fact, one of my very good friends Veronica is the Director at Autistic Services her in WNY. (learn more HERE)

To learn more about how you can help and even enjoy a wonderful mature night out, call: 716.573.5158
Place: Hyatt Regency
Time: 8pm start
Tickets: $25 (partial proceeds to Kaleida Health for Autism)
Free Buffet
Live Jazz and LIVE Performance by the legendary Big Daddy Kane


(See if you notice the guy in the video at 2:24)


One of the things that motivates me most is when I see other artists come up with things that make me say to myself, “How in the world did they do THAT!?” I admire creativity. When an artists does something incredible and unique that I just can’t see myself doing…I HAVE to take my hat off.

The design above and the video below are glimpses as greatness. A faux swimming pool? WOW!
Now THIS is something we haven’t seen on MTV Cribs.!! Please warn friends before the pool party starts.


WOW! Check the video below for “PATIO PIMPIN!” It’s called the Bloomframe, designed by an architecture company in Netherlands called Hofman Dujardin Architectan. Pick your color and customize to your liking.


As I continue to accept the privilege and the challenge of planning and coordinating the Art of Hip Hop, now on its 3rd go-round, I have to take each and every opportunity to thank my sponsors:
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery – (Sarah, the Education Department and Karen Spaulding for the trust and strong support)
DTR45 – The entire DTR45 staff, interns and friends
NEW ERA CAPS – Incredible supporters, thank you so much. So many people were happy to rock the NEC fitted caps. It made the evening truly special.
Virginia@Xtreme Wheels – The skateboard decks were a HUGE hit. Thanks V.
Sakura of America – Art supplies and hip hop. Go figure!! AhhHaa! Thats why its called the “ART” of Hip Hop.
Media Music Inc. – Dre and Trev, I don’t think the people understand enough about fashion here, to know they walked home with some dope threads. Nevertheless, ya’ll made some people happy and fly.
ROB – For the “surprise” AHH3 sponsor t-shirts (…a great and unexpected surprise in fact, as I didn’t get tees printed last year.

(TrevThorne and T1X giveaway custom graffiti skateboard deck)

(Billy Drease Williams giving away a packet: Deck, CD, Tee and New Era cap)

Again, I want to send out a sincere THANK YOU to all of the kind sponsors and volunteers.