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It’s truly taken a very long time for me to recharge and refocus my efforts. Although many people have championed behind GMA and myself and shown a great deal of support and push, it has still remained a pretty lonely walk. The best analogy is how it’s said, “If you have a workout partner, your chances of holding fast to your workout goals and regimen are higher.” So basically, I’ve been really exhausting myself trying to stay SELF-Motivated. Leading up to this very moment, I’ve been going through a transformation and true realization of facts and concerns that needed addressing, which truly lends to the authenticity of this NEW video, RUN. Dig It.

from email blast:

Nearly one year ago to date, I was on a magical, vibrant and expansive equestrian farm shooting the video for “Shut the Gate,” the leading single off Good Morning Amy. In May, Director Dominic Luongo and I collaborated on the simple, sleek and special-effects driven “Just Doin’ It” video, which is climbing to 500k views on YouTube. Over the last few weeks we’ve been workin’ hard to bring you what we’ve dubbed a Long Form Video for the album’s third single, “Run.”

The visual treatment for “Run” is unlike any we’ve done thus far. Characters, sub-plots and time sequences develop organically in this video, which features many new talents, faces and locations both in and outside of Buffalo. It explores the deeper, darker side of Billy Drease as he goes through a physical transformation, experiencing love, pain, loss, recovery and renewal.

“Run,” produced by long-time friend and collaborator Trevor “TrevThorne” Drayton, is available oniTunes today. Check out a sneak peak of the video now and look for the extended feature to drop soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-cuxOVmSPk



I’m not shocked by this find at all, considering Daft Punk is surely of of the most profound and recognized Electro-Dance music groups, I AM however wondering how two guys who never show their faces can make an acceptance speech for their Grammy. In 2008, their album Alive 2007 was awarded Best Electronic/Dance Album and they also won the Best Dance Recording award as well, at the 51st Grammy Award Show. I only wish I could have this much success and still be afforded the anonymity. I’m sure they saw a nice little chunk of change for the clearance sample that Kanye West used on his Grammy Song “Stronger.”


Grammy Day! The anticipation of the 52nd Grammy Awards show all cracks open this evening at 8pm on CBS. Unfortunately we won’t be in attendance this year as we have other obligations…excuse me as I grab a handful of Kleenex!….(sigh)

So here’s what’s happening for this entry, I’m making my predictions 9 hours early, so here gooooes it!!
Record of the Year goes to: Taylor Swift, beating out Beyonce and Gaga by  2 wig lengths.

Album of the Year goes to: BEP The E.N.D….Against my associates votes for Lady Gaga.

Song of the Year goes to: Single Ladies by Beyonce. * I really feel that I may go to Taylor, but I just can’t imagine Beyonce not getting a Grammy in 1 of the top 4 categories.

Best New Artist: MGMT Good Grief!! Keri Hilson? Ehh..not sure. The Ting Tings?..(sigh)…geesh!…This is tough. MGMT! I had to close my eyes, point and pick. I really think that one is up in the air.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: Taylor Swift.  Between Beyonce, Adele, Taylor, Katy Perry and Pink…WHoooa!!!…I’ll have to go with Taylor. I think is gonna have a monster evening.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: Maxwell. John Legend and Seal, even Stevie Wonder couldn’t touch a fiery comeback like Max’s.

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance: Jazmine Sullivan. As much as I’d like to see Melanie Fiona or more so Ledisi or Lalah walk away with this, I think Jaz killed this song, despite how corny the hook is, she STILL made it work.

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance: Maxwell. Many great contenders, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq, Charlie Wilson even…but.

Best Urban/Alternative Performance: The Foreign Exchange. This one is wishful thinking, as I LOVED their album…but lets see.

Best Rap Solo Performance: Kid Cudi – Day N Nite. Why not! Drake is red hot right now. Hov is Hov. Eminem is ehhh…but send that Grammy to Ohio!

Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group: Kid Cudi, Kanye, Common – Make Her Say The chemistry on the song was outstanding. period.

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: T.I. – Dead and Gone.  Probably not the BEST of the BEST considering Run this Town, Knock You Down and Ego, but it was a sincere record from T.I. so we’ll see.

Best Rap Song: Best I Ever Had – Drake. No explanation needed, however, if we’re truly talking about Rap, I should be considering Jay-Z (D.O.A)

Best Rap Album: The Renaissance – Q-Tip. Why? Because he’s the guy who said “Black is Blaaack!”…LOL…Really though, I salute that album.

There are my 15 votes, although in a real situation I would only be allowed 8, but we’ll do it the right way next year. I’m cheering for the Indies tonight.


Day 2 of researching on how to accomplish what would seem to be “impossible,” the Grammy nomination in 2011. Luck happens to some, but why depend on luck when efficient work ethic, diligence, networking and focus are much more rewarding. What’s earned is just and deserved.  So here are the stats:


  • 2009 Best Hip Hop Act Artvoice Best of Buffalo Award winner, 2009 Best Solo Performer Buffalo Spree Best of WNY Award winner
  • Buffalo native weighing in at 2000 lbs, standing at 300 ft and 2 inches
  • Emcee, Writer, Author and Producer
  • Multi-talented Visual and Musical Artist

In the Opposing Corner:

  • 308 Million citizens in the US (6.8 Billion in the World)
  • 62 Million amateur musicians
  • 161, 000 professional and employed musicians
  • 15,000 Grammy Submissions
  • 150+ judges
  • 110 Grammy Categories (31 Fields)

Just watch the MAGIC begin! Think I’m crazy?? GOOD!!!


Starts today! Follow the journey as it starts, right here, right now! Inviting you all, friends, family and associates to be a part of something impossible, because we DARE TO DREAM!!

“SHUT THE GATE” now available on iTUNES

The single “Shut the Gate” with b-side “Just Doin’ It” is now available on iTunes and all of your favorite legal digital download sites. A mighty to THANK YOU to the Frosts in Cincy (Dame/Karyn) for probably being the first ones to cop it!!…love yall.

Go Now by clicking the link: http://tinyurl.com/shutthegate


“Kayne, Ima let you finish, but I’m the best Country Artist of ALL-TIMES!!!