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For all of you 80’s fanatics that are trying to recreate and relive an era that can’t be reproduced, it’s time to step back in the 2000’s and leave the hi-top fades and colorful clothes to the pros. In the words of my man TrevThorne, “I don’t need to try and be hip by looking retro, I was there. We got the polaroids to prove it!”

How dare some of you dress retro but can’t seem to get enough of doing the Soldier Boy “Superman”…
Watch some real dance steps…performed on actual steps….like real concrete really…lol



An entire weekend of FRESH Hip Hop partying. Imagine that!!! Lets do it people!



(Flyer design: TrevThorne for SoapBox Creative Group) “Get at him for work, but make sure your money ain’t short.” This is NOT a hook-up coupon. LOL

Hip Hop will literally be “IN DA’ BILLDIN” this coming Friday, Sept. 26.
IN DA’ BILLDIN: Short for “In the building.” It means that a person has arrived; the making of an announcement that a person or a thing is now here.

Sooooo…Hip Hop will be at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery this Friday in a major way. It’s a FREE event with some of the top artists, breakers, dj’s and emcees in the area performing LIVE demonstrations and concluding with a massive concert. This is an All Ages event. See flyer above.

Oh Yeah….LOTS of giveaways.


(L-R: Big Neeze and DJ Tiger)

Sunday night, Sept. 21,  Tone and I spent some time at my Alma Mater, Buffalo State College, kickin’ it with Tiger and Neeze. Tiger hit me up sometime ago about coming down to the WBNY station but his email got lost in my sloppy, crazy inbox and I never got back with him, but he was kind enough to show some love and let us promote the Art of Hip Hop 3 live on the air. This show is probably the realest show on air right now in Buffalo, Da B-Side every Sunday on 91.3 WBNY from 9p – Midnight. Shouts out to Press and Extra Large from the Infinite Radio Show back in the day, probably the dopest show to precede Da B-Side on WBNY. Tiger, thanks for your dedication to that music we NEED to hear bro.

I gotta keep it “real funky” though… Although many updates have been made down at the historic student activity fee funded radio station, it’s still very umm…”let’s say challenged.” When you have a two pairs of headphone for the guests, but only ONE of the 4 total earphones is working??….okeee!!. Thats why I like BNY…they keeps it real, with NO fronting..LOL!! Buff State needs to come up off that money and get Tiger the goods all ready!


Funky President (People it’s bad)
“Stock Market going up, jobs goin’ ain’t no funky job to be found/
Taxes keep goin’ up…I drank from a glass and now I drink from a paper cup, it’s gettin’ bad/
People, people, we gotta get over, before we go under…

James Brown wrote “Funky President” in 1974, and 34 years later, still nothing much has changed. Speaking of “CHANGE,” how about watching the smooth footwork of Obama, the originator of the Campaign for Change.

Introducing: The Brand New “Funky President


A Mighty THANKS to “V” at Xtreme Wheels in Buffalo for contributing the skateboard decks that will be used as giveaways at the ART OF HIP HOP 3 event on Sept. 26, one of which I personally customized.

“America Dream”

(Details: 2nd and 3rd pics)


1, 2, 3…IN the Place to Be!!!
Live and in full effect, in exactly two weeks, Hip Hop will step back inside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery with a fresh pair of Shell Toe A-Dogs. For those of you that are slang-challenged, no pets allowed!! A-Dogs is an expression used for a pair of Adidas, so get a pair and be there!!!

This year will be Bigger, Better and Deffer! We’ll be featuring some of Buffalo’s hottest talents, breakers, graff writers, dj’s and emcees with lots of fun and giveaways. Did I mention that the event is FREE! What other event in Buffalo can you be safely entertained by dope, authentic, original hip hop music and go home with prizes and giveaways without ever having to spend a dime?!

Props to TrevThorne for the handy-mac work on the flyer.

Read more about it. Here!