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After the I LIVE NY Summit, I had the chance to meet the wonderful Mrs. Silda Spitzer.
She’s awesome.
Yes, I DO own suits. Always have, unlike many rappers/emcees today who decided to finally grow up and with a suit, tie and collar on their shirt.

I truly believe that Raw Intel (former rap group with my man Trev Thorne) was the first to rock the mic in all black suits..tie included.

Circa 1999 – The closing show at the Calumet





For those of you that aren’t hip enough, you should consider purchasing this book.
You’ll learn new meanings for words like spinach, bread and cheddar. However, neither of these are edible when using slang. For example, you’d never hear a slang-ologist say, “I could sure go for a tasty bowl of spinach.” It would sound more like, “YES!! Today is Friday! I’ll finally have some spinach in my pocket.” You can actually swap spinach with either bread or cheddar and it would have the same message.

In this case, I hope that you can determine that spinach is not actually something one would eat from out of their pocket just because it’s Friday.

Anyhoooo…Now that you had an introduction to some slang, here is what the post is really about. “The Billdin”
I love architecture and here are a few shots of a historic church or what some may call a “BILLDIN” in Buffalo, NY. Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic Church



cath 3



A portrait of my man Mello out in arid Arizona. “I know I still have ONE more to do for you Mello.” “I GOT YOU MAN!.
Mello is a real stand-up cat though, and his vision for his record label is dope, and that dopeness reflects in the music they crank. As a matter of fact: CRANK THIS

Superbowl is happening out that way in a few days. I hear that Tickets on ebay are going for as high as $10,000. My friend B.A. and I were talking about it tonight and he was like, “Yo, this is an historic Superbowl…the Pats have gone undefeated the entire season and can now clinch the Bowl!”
Then we both agreed that $10,000 is an expensive price to witness history. I’ll remember the moment just as vivid from a non-HD television. LOL…

iLIKE IT in the iPod

i like it

Just in case you haven’t seen the incredible debut video, or for those of you that STILL can’t get enough of “LIKING” it, below are the links for your ipods and zunes.

This Happy Meal is on the house. In the words of my nephew Reekie Deek…”Uncle Dreys…I LIKE IT!”



More custom Dope 45 sneakers. Can’t get more custom or unique than a 1 of 1.
These will grace the feet of Queen Fana when the weather warms up and the snow melts, which may be happening soon, seeing as how these joints are SO HOT!


DOPE 45 always crafts the classics. Music+Art=Edreys




It’s rumored that the United States in falling into a “recession,” but for the record, I don’t buy rumors. BUT, what I DO buy is: Peanut butter, Jelly, and bread!

We’re serious, yet simple guys. We discuss world domination and budgets over PBJ’s. PBJ’s taste good now, and if we ever witness a recession, them joints are gonna taste like gourmet entrees to some people. Recession or not…we don’t need a plush suite with a catered lunch to feel as if we’re getting something accomplished during our meetings.

Grape Jelly, Crunchy Peanut Butter and wheat bread or multi-grain…OOOWEEE!!!
thats what you call a “Saamitch” – a good sandwich with little prep that can be eaten at any time of the day/night.



I’ve been receiving lots of emails regarding my album lately: When is it coming out? Where can I buy it? etc.

What we are currently working on is a snippet or EP glimpse that will be FREE to download at my website and at DTR.
I’m always creating new material in the lab, or what I call “The Bakery”, where I cook up the marvelous batches of ear candy goodness. So, the album is still developing so to speak, but for the most part, my team and I have a good idea of what cuts we are going to present to you all.

ALSO, stay tuned for a contest that I’m going to be running in the days to come…where you could finally be a winner at something at least ONCE in your life.
You are very welcome. LOL!