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Today is my Birthday, born precisely at 3:15 pm on this day. I’m in the LAUGHING mood!!! Enjoy…
Cheers to all Taureans!! 

Video brought to your attention by DJ LoPRo whom was hipped by Clark Dever. So a pair of props to them respectively.



I had the opportunity to act in this movie short, but I was too busy to take on the responsibility as it was being filmed the weeks leading up to my CD Release. Click to Buy. I wanted to be involved in some way with the project, so Richie and myself went to work in the studio to lend to the backdrop of the movie.

The Motive: 2009 movie directed and produced by Jaehong Park. Music produced, arranged and performed by Billy and Richie. (Billy Drease and Richie English).


Full 12 minute VIDEO

I get so angry when people get so wrapped up in themselves and think that their lives are so terrible, when they truly are most times better off than many other people going through much worse.

  • People complain and damn every Monday that comes around, meanwhile there are some people who had incredible hardship or tragedy over the weekend that won’t make it to see Monday.
  • Complaints on bad coffee purchased on-the-go, yet a man/woman on the street asking for 10 cents, a dollar or whatever change they can luck upon would LOVE to have a “bad” coffee to enjoy
  • Complaining about not finding a parking space close enough to the entrance of the supermarket…or pick any shopping store, mall or dive, forgetting that there are some people who may be paralyzed or injured or born deformed, that would trade places with a person who can walk from their car to the grocery store.

Enter DJ Gregory! How dare you complain. This guy was told that he would NEVER be able to walk since birth and 30 years later, with Cerebral Palsy, he committed to walking over 800 miles in 37 weeks. Yet, we find it hard to decide whether to drive our car or walk to the store 2 blocks away.



Thank you for considering me as one of the Best Hip Hop acts in Buffalo. I’m truly honored and I hope to bring home the plaque for me, you, the fam, my friends and all of the other intelligent, talented, gifted, caring people I’m associated with. Congrats to the other nominees as well.

-Billy Drease


Before Eddie Murphy was playing multiple roles and characters in his movies, Hip Hop legend Marley Marl had his hat already tossed in the ring. Marley plays about 3 or 4 different guys in this video, which may I mention is CLASSIC!!!

Favorite part, peep how Craig G raises this guy up out of his seat and 2:54 in the joint..>>LOL…
Cowboys with gold chains….I LOVED HIP HOP…I used to Lover her….


Thank you ALL for your support and most importantly, your time!! A person’s time is most valuable and I acknowledge that there are many hours and minutes throughout an obligation filled day. So I am most appreciative when you lend a few minutes learning more about me and supporting my visions as an artist and entertainer. Now lets get down to why we are all here today!!

People ask, “Hey Billy, when is the last time you’ve been to a rap concert?”
I say, “Until they’re able to entertain me like the brothers in the clip above, the only rap concerts I’ll be going to are my own!!”

What happened to LOVE, PEACE and SOUL POWER!!???


The CD Release party at Second Cup on April 18 was a SMASH!! There was something extra special about the evening that no one can quite put there finger on, but it was surely enjoyed and celebrated to the fullest the entire evening. Many thanks and shouts to ALL that were present as well as those that were there in heart and spirit. 

geb-me-and-lex(pics courtesy of H. Cardwell)