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Well, here we are! More than 200 days into the year and approaching the closure of 2010 already. Unbelievable how much time has passed. As I’m typing this, I’m watching the story of Janet Hubert on TV1’s “Life After” series. Janet was the mother from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. If you recall, the episodes where she was pregnant, well that child she was carrying is now 17 years old. So, in regards to time, it surely waits for no man and can be a detriment when mismanaged. I feel that I have truly mismanaged my personal time in trying to balance career, parenting, talents and other projects as well as necessary obligations. Fortunately, I have found somewhat of a remedy and solution, inspired by my own work. My latest offering from Good Morning Amy entitled “Just Doin It” is a testament and reminder to the brilliance that I can’t let go to waste and it is also a mantra to get things accomplished. Thanks to the incredible talent of Dominic Luongo, director and editor who was able to extract my motion picture thoughts directly from my brain, I present my finest work to you. Live the mantra!



Nearly at Day 200, which is incredible, considering how many people aren’t really counting the days of the year but more so counting the months or even just counting the same 5 work days each week, when overall, 200 days is a pretty big deal. What have you accomplished in nearly 200 days? Do you still find yourself asking for more days in a week or more hours in a day? In recognizing 20o days equals 4,800 hours, what have you done with that time? 1,392 of those hours reflect the total hours of weekend up to this point. It’s quite shameful when I look at it in this manner. There are many projects that I vowed would be completed long before now and I know that these projects would only take about 72 hours to finish. So, seeing that I have the time, going by the given numbers, the question is: What AM I doing? It’s time to get it! Reclaim your time! Good luck.


1:23 a.m., I just finished watching MTV Cribs where they featured Josh Hutcherson, the young actor who was in Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura and Bridge to Terabithia, some pretty big movies. He had a painting of an Oscar Award on his wall as he wished to one day win it and it reminded me that maybe I should paint a Grammy Award on my wall to better visualize the trophy that I desire to bring home to Buffalo. Just a thought, but I think that it’s becoming necessary, as I feel myself getting closer to the goal but at the same time feeling like the mission is even more impossible that I originally anticipated. Looking back at past accomplishments, everything that I’ve ever drawn on paper, as usually come to fruition, so with that being said, I’ll be putting paper to pen shortly. Visualizing!!


July 4th weekend was time well spent with the family, explaining the brief lapse of GC blogging…as I was “thinking to myself…what a wonderful world!!”

Louis Armstrong didn’t win an award for this incredible time enduring song, but he did win a Grammy in 1964 (7th Annual Awards Show) for “Hello Dolly!” for Best Vocal Performance, Male.


David Bowie – 1984  – Album of the Year Nomination, losing to Lionel Richie’s “Can’t Slow Down.” Nevertheless, a nomination is a nomination and who better to lose to than a sensation like Lionel. However, one of the most popular cuts from David’s album, was the title track, “Let’s Dance,” which was sampled  years later by the “80’s Sampling Don,” Puff Daddy or better known now as Diddy. Diddy’s version titled “Been Around the World” was featured on his Grammy Award Winning Album, No Way Out – 1998 – Best Rap Album – Puff Daddy.


Good Morning Amy, in my opinion is the most important body of work that I’ve created to date. I’ve invested all of my energy, creativity and faith into this 1 project. I’m a pretty well rounded individual with numerous talents and gifts enabling me to be able to compete in various markets and vocations, but for the past 3-4 years, many of my friends and family know that GMA is the culmination of time, dedication and many sacrifices. I’m just hoping that after its all said and done that it’s all been worth it. Why music? This entire time I could have been certified and licensed with some sort of skill. I could have completed a Masters Program. I could have traveled and wandered the world. But I chose music. How do I move forward knowing there may not even be a pay day? As children we marveled at rainbows because they looked tangible and so real that we assumed that if we followed it to the end our street, that we’d find a pot of gold. As adults we learn that a rainbow is just a refraction of light hitting water droplets. No gold. I’m preparing myself for that scenario in regards to the light that refracting from GMA.


I’ve experienced the low’s of failure and the high’s of success and both have come at the risk of a gamble for better or worse. I’m currently at the point again where I feel like the lyrics of this song are speaking to me. “Know when to hold em’, know when to fold em…know when to walk away” etc etc…”
In the fiber of every success story lies the thread of a gambler at heart, someone who is willing to put it all on the table. Many of my friends and associates would agree that when this is all said and done at the top of 2011 when the Grammy’s are announced, that even if my gamble doesn’t pay off, everyone will know that I played my best hand. So today, we throw it all the way back to 1979 recognizing Grammy Award-Winning Kenny Rogers –  Best Country Vocal Performance, MaleThe Gambler.