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warped image

(Big Thanks to K. Delgado for the graphics work)

Info re: Warped Tour

Have you ever tried calling into a radio station to win a contest and the phone line stayed busy??
Have you ever bought a lotter ticket because the pot was in the millions and you felt lucky??

Well, here is your chance to finally get through on the line. Here is your chance to win without spending a dime.
We are giving away 2 tickets to the Buffalo Warped Tour. 2 winners will be issued (1) ticket each after answering the following questions correctly: (NOTE: Sorry to leave anyone out, but it only makes sense that this contest applies to Buffalo residents and surrounding areas.)

1) In one of the blogs that was posted regarding Edreys’ trip to Spain, in what city did he encounter the “Machete Man” rapping on stage with machete in-hand?

2) Name the old school group that is most known for the popular song “Rapper’s Delight?”

3) What Buffalo born artist was sampled in MC Hammer’s record-breaking hit song “Can’t Touch This?”

***Bonus (win a tee shirt)
Name the Hip Hop group responsible for the following line from an album skit: “How many feathers are on a Perdue Chicken? and How many times did the Bat Mobile catch flat?”

Email answers to:
Winners will be announced Saturday so hurry, hurry, hurry!!!



(winner 1)

[SIGH] I’m not sure how many people were aware of the “I LIKE IT CONTEST” we were promoting a few months ago, but we have finally “crowned” our winners. They have been crowned with fresh, crispy New Era fitted caps courtesy of DTR45. Thank you and congratulations to Damario and Kevin!!

In effect immediately, we are running another contest in which we will reward 2 winners – (1) ticket each to the Warped Tour Concert in Buffalo at Darien Lake, July 24. We can’t make the contest any easier than asking only a few questions and emailing us the correct the answers.

(winner 2)


This post has nothing to do with my career at all, BUT…given all of the many things that can add stress along my path, “laughter is an awesome remedy.”
I’m sorry that my therapy was paid for by the hard efforts of this man. But I thank him just as well. He actually starts off pretty fairly until 0:54 into the video. “The rockets red glare” ALWAYS gets em!!!

Shout outs to Kelly for reminding me of how people are steadily defeated by the Undisputed National Anthem monster.


(Above: My mom in the middle with her “homegirl crew” aka “My Aunties”) by Kenny Macdonald

I wish I knew who to credit for the photographs, because the picture above had me in tears, just seeing the joy in my mothers face in watching her son perform really hit me in the heart. Thanks Mom!

There were many beautiful and wonderful people that I intended to thank and would have liked to acknowledge during the WBFO performance, but while on stage, it was “strictly” business since the show was airing LIVE on the radio.

I didn’t get the chance to thank my sweet, brilliant wife and wonderful children, or my dad, in-laws, cousins etc. My mom did get a shout from the announcer, Bert Gambini and my sister was on stage with me, along with my cousin Mike. But there were some really GREAT people in the audience like City Honors Alumni, two of which were pregnant…so that was pretty cool…”Thanks girls!!” Lots of highschool friends that really touched my heart to see them in attendance. Waaaay too many people to thank, but please know that you ARE ALL appreciated!!!

(Above: From Left – DJ Lo Pro, DJ Cutler, Mizike and Queen Fana) by Kenny Macdonald

One more round of applause for the DOPE 45’s. The people in the picture above are unmatched and I’m delighted that they’ve all agreed to work with a brotha’. They are definitely DOPE!!

(Above: Me and Trev Thorne) by Kenny Macdonald

Above, I had to pull my man Trev Thorne on stage to perform one of the many “classics” songs we made as a part of the group called Raw Intel. Thanks Bro!

(Above: Monica aka Riella and Me)

Thanks to Monica for her energy during our performance of “Superman Swag.” Lastly, Thanks to my stylist “LeeStew” Alleta Steward who hooked up the DOPE45’s and myself for this show. Check her out at:


At the request of some friends, one of whom had a birthday on the day of the WBFO show, May 28, I am finally able to bring the journey from Spain, back home to the states, primarily Buffalo!

On May 28, I had the PLEASURE of being the first Hip Hop artist to perform on the stage Live at Allen Hall (UB South Campus) as a part of WBFO’s long running Wednesday Night concert series. I can’t thank the people at WBFO enough for the opportunity, professionalism, and hospitality. Alison, Bert, Ken, the stage hands, the volunteers, the sound man (by the way it sounded awesome on-air), Brenda and many many others. My apologies for not remembering everyone’s name.

I know its a couple weeks later, and many of you may have listened to the podcast already, but click the play button above to hear it again or to hear it for the first time, whichever applies.

Pictures from the WBFO show courtesy of Kenny Macdonald©.


Check out my version of MTV Cribs as I take you on a tour of Club Vieja and show you the “Best Bathrooms in the World” as my man says in the video.

Let me say, they definitely didn’t take any tips from HGTV…The graffiti was EVERYWHERE…Even INSIDE of the toilet bowl!!..Check it out!

Awesome, awesome show here and super people. More on that on my next entry.
Peace to Vitoria…2-Up!!

More graffiti throughout the venue.


Vitoria, Spain was our last stop on the tour and certainly the LIVEST spot. The picture above reveals a somewhat “Fast and Furious” cult-like privacy. As a matter of fact, the “Fast and Furious” comparison is pretty accurate now that I think about it in hindsight. This club location was soooo hidden and nondescript that we were RIGHT in front of it and had no clue as to the directions that the Club owner was trying to convey on the Promoters’ speaker phone. So here we are, finally in Vitoria after a 5 hour ride, right on time for sound check, sitting in a truck parked at the curb of an obviously and regularly busy street lined with high, wired fences with unmarked factory buildings on each side for as long as you could see, only broken by traffic light intersections. We tell the Club owner that we aren’t moving until he comes to get us, for it was way too confusing to follow his directions in risks that we would miss the rehearsal (sound). So literally in less than 2 minutes or even less, this white, tricked out civic comes speeding in the traffic lane going opposite of where we are pointing and “drifts” or whips towards our truck in a quick-turn about (180 degree) and stops a few feet short of the curb. It was the club promoter, (definitely “Fast and Furious” insipired)… He put his hand out the window and hinted that we follow. Within seconds we were winding through alleys that he knew like the back of his hand, and BAMM!!, we were at the club in no time at all, just like he said.

This was a private club with members only like a motorcycle gang, but this place was Hip-Hop Cultured to “death..or Def!! Crazy graffiti and great music throughout the night. And guess what?? NO violence or fighting. While here in the states, we tend to associate hip hop with violence, ALL the time…so as Don King would say “Only in America!!”