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The Just Doin’ It video is approaching 400k views and maybe there is something wrong with my view of success, as I only see it as the first leg of the journey as opposed to being the finish line. I haven’t made time to really enjoy this stretch of the road, but after I publish this post, I think that I WILL! I’m reminded that even the smallest of breakthroughs deserves recognition. So, exactly  how I will celebrate is still up in the air, but it may be as simple as doing nothing and catching a nap, seeing how sleep is always fleeting.

Yesterday, my mother in-law called me and read me an article that she discovered in the Buffalo News Gusto section. It was a brief write-up on GMA and how it was a great offering to the music scene and compared me to one of the giants in the industry in regards to being the pride of my city. In my head I had always wished to be a shining light, a beacon of hope for Buffalo, as it has certainly been in some of its darkest hours. But the bottom line is, 400k views with next to no budget or promotions in a crumbling city like mine with nothing major or positive to tout about, especially musically, is something that SHOULD be backed and supported by the likes of the movers and shakers in The Nickel City, however, it goes back to my point, that I still have so much further to go, as only a select few people right here in town TRULY want me to succeed. That’s how it feels.



Well, here we are! More than 200 days into the year and approaching the closure of 2010 already. Unbelievable how much time has passed. As I’m typing this, I’m watching the story of Janet Hubert on TV1’s “Life After” series. Janet was the mother from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. If you recall, the episodes where she was pregnant, well that child she was carrying is now 17 years old. So, in regards to time, it surely waits for no man and can be a detriment when mismanaged. I feel that I have truly mismanaged my personal time in trying to balance career, parenting, talents and other projects as well as necessary obligations. Fortunately, I have found somewhat of a remedy and solution, inspired by my own work. My latest offering from Good Morning Amy entitled “Just Doin It” is a testament and reminder to the brilliance that I can’t let go to waste and it is also a mantra to get things accomplished. Thanks to the incredible talent of Dominic Luongo, director and editor who was able to extract my motion picture thoughts directly from my brain, I present my finest work to you. Live the mantra!


Good Morning Amy officially released on June 22 with great reception. Today marks the release of the Worldwide video debut of “Shut the Gate”, directed by Kevin Lopez. Be on the look out for the follow up video “Just Doin’ It.”

Props to the JustOffElmwood blog for leaking the video last friday. I likes!!!


I was recently having a conversation with a young man that I’m beginning to mentor and he was listing some of his favorite rappers and who he thinks is better than the other. He was saying how J. Cole is better than Drake and how Lil Wayne is hot, but he really isn’t feeling like he is dope for what he says, but that there is a lot of hype behind him. I brought some current rappers and even admitted that I don’t own one single Jay-Z album which is a shame, but honestly more of a jealous competitive decision to never buy and sit with one of the 10 or more classic albums, NUMBER 1 albums that he’s dropped.

Then we went further into the conversation and I brought up the fact that for a Southern rapper, Ludacris can give any upstate or east coast rapper a run for their money. One of the things we both agreed on was the fact that Luda had a dope voice and was very distinguishable. I then pointed out that I heard and saw with my own ears and eyes, in an interview with Luda, that he has insurance coverage on his voice as it is his means of living, which I thought was brilliant. Now, seeing as how my mentee is only 18, I figured that he wouldn’t remember one of the dopest rappers to ever touch the mic from the West Coast, originally by way of Texas, the D.O.C., so I thought to post this for him, because in light of Ludacris’ voice insurance, I only wish that such an option was considered so many years ago when the D.O.C. lost the complete range and full use of his original voice due to a near fatal accident, also making me think about how fortunate Kanye West is as well in surviving his accident. So, Jordan, this song is for you bro. DiG!


The year was 1996 and what an great time for music and Hip Hop. The Fugees, starring or featuring one of the greatest if not THE greatest female emcees. I’m up late working and up early……working!! My overtime fuel has been The Score album. I’m listening to it and feeling like I’m in a time warp, as if I haven’t aged because I feel the exact same feelings as when I first bought the Cd. The fact that Rah-Digga was just as ill on the mic as Lauryn. The fact that I’m still not quite sure what Praz’s function or contribution was, as he certainly wasn’t the lyrical one. The fact that the skit at the 1:45 mark on “The Beast” with the Chinese Muslim restaurant, is STILL hilarious. “You think I open a restaurant in the middle of the hood and not no what’s up…F*&$% Represent!”

Well, in light of my personal quest of a presenting a classic masterpiece with Good Morning Amy, I find great inspiration in “The Score.”
Best Rap AlbumThe Score. Best R&B Performance by a Duo or a GroupKilling Me Softly With His Song, 1996.


A throwback, not Grammy-related but Grammy worthy. In normal form, the Roots pushed the envelope of creativity with this video. Today is day 161, and as most of the posts are about Grammy winners or nominees, which the Roots can proudly say they are both, I find myself on days like today just searching for inspiration. So I thought to locate this Roots video, which was just insane and out of the box. Dig the movements, hence the song title. So, what’s YOUR next movement.