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(sigh)…a moment to breath is advised and a moment of gratitude is obligatory.



Day 58, another fabulous “family soccer day,” and while driving home we were pumpin’ Chrisette Michele. She’s one of my favorite most recent breakout artists, who’s been responsible for contributing her seducing voice to numerous songs of your favorite artists like Jay-Z, Nas and The Roots for starters. Her album I AM was incredible all the way through and what I found just as enjoyable were her “eyes.” There’s something about those eyes of hers that makes her dreamy and with the combination of her voice she could probably charm a cobra snake from a basket.

Right around the time I first signed onto FaceBook, was about the time that I heard about her Grammy Nomination as I posted a comment of Good Wishes on her Fanpage. She didn’t comment back, but I wasn’t expecting that anyway as she has way too may fans to count and reply too. It’s All Good! The video above is the song that captured the Best Urban/Altertative Performance Award at the 51 Grammy Awards with the assistance of Will.I.Am on the track. I hope to hear and see more of Chrisette in the years to come. I think she is more powerful and more deserving than the more noted and awarded female singers in the field, without naming any, she’s the one I’d more preferably like to see getting ALL of the attention. Oh, Jill Scott is my girl to..she also has those dreamy eyes and a voice that touches the soul.


I have a good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while, but through another friend I was told that his mother was very ill from Cancer. Not really able to find the words or actions of encouragement, I feel frozen and unsure of what my next step should be. Of course I could call, as emails and phone texts aren’t what a friend would send to a friend in need. So, while I contemplated what to do or say I received an email from an associate of my sister’s, our friend Carmel, regarding how she annually participates in the Riding for Cancer to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research and it was just a great time to get it the email considering what my buddy is dealing with in seeing after his mom. So, Thanks Carmel for reminding me just how important it is for support in numbers and to have action prevail over doubt and second guessing efforts in how to help someone affected by Cancer. In reading this post if you would be so kind as to donate in small or in as large as you can to enable Carmel RIDE RIDE RIDE, as this year she is riding for a her brother. You can read all about her story and efforts and donate here.
God Bless and Thanks.


Day 57 and what a wonderful day it is. I’ve actually found pleasure in waking up to another Grey Sky. I’m always happy to wake up to another day, but at times after compounding months of not seeing the sun in a blue sky, can do harm to one’s outlook, health and mental state. But today, I had to remind myself of a little trick, “if you can’t change the conditions, condition yourself to change.” So, Thanks Grey Sky for my new pair of eyes.

While I was shoveling and getting my SnowX90 workout, I thought about the Boys II Men song, “Let it Snow” and how beautiful it was and how it made the snow around the Holidays really feel like a special time. Although we’re nearly into March, it’s still a wonderful song. Soon, that thought hitched a ride onto another thought about “End of the Road”, then “I’ll Make Love to You,” and “Water Runs Dry” and so on. What I came to realize is that each of the aforementioned songs, outside of “Let it Snow” all had one thing in common, they were written by Babyface. I believe Brian McKnight co-wrote “Let it Snow.”

In brief, this post isn’t about Boys II Men, but about the MAN who has continually shaped and influenced the R&B genre, similar to how Smokey Robinson contributed to the Motown sound, Babyface has held the thrown as one of the best writers/producers in music. Among many, many, many accolades and awards, the proof of his genius and talent is evidenced in him winning Producer of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 1995, 1996 and 1997 consecutively. He won Best R&B Song in 1994 for the video song above “I’ll Make Love to You,” and Best R&B Male Vocal Performance that same year for his own song “When Can I See You Again.”

Babyface knows how to have everyone “crying” like a Baby, even grown@$$ men!


Day 56, half way to the first 100 and as I mentioned before, this didn’t begin as a New Year’s Resolution, clearly evidenced by the fact that I’m this far into it. Most resolutions dissolve well before January expires. I’ve always wondered why people fantasize and make life changing decisions on New Year’s Eve as if when the hand strikes 12:01am, that a magic powder will shower them changing all of their habits and imperfections. If one truly desires change, there are 86, 400 seconds in a day, which is more than enough time and opportunity to change.

“One of the Best videos and songs of the last decade, maybe even of all-times”

Speaking of Eve’s and change, on the Eve of 2999, Andre 3000 and Big Boi turned the music world upside down with their double album SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below, capturing the following awards at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards: Album of the Year, Best Urban/Alternative Performance and Best Rap Album.

Years later, it’s still up for debate, as people had their sides and opinions on which one of the offerings of the Double LP was the most impacting, but for me, there was never any doubt that Andre 3000 brought all the artillery, cannons and warships to the playing field and launched a “creative assault” on the music world. The Love Below made me believe that music, more specifically hip-hop was evolving in safe hands, for the moment at least….”I’m..just bein’ Honest….I’m, just bein’ honest…clap clap clap!!”

“Greyhound don’t float on water!”


Day 55 and I’m digging beneath the surface again for some Grammy goodness and what do I discover? I find that one of the funniest sketches to hit the tube in years, in my opinion, was not only nominated for a Grammy but also WON, and these guys are from New Zealand. The Hit Comedy HBO Series, Flight of the Conchords, took home a Grammy in 2007 for the Best Comedy Album for their EP entitled The Distant Future. The video up top is just a sample of some of the spontaneous music videos that they would weave in and out of the dialogue portion of the show at these perfectly timed punch-line setup scenarios during the sketch. Thanks to my man Caferro “Cup o’ Joe-a-Day” Thomas for putting me on to these guys. Definitely worth collecting the box set. You may as well plop on the sofa and get familiar because the humans are dead anyways.


Day 54, fresh off a busy day of lecturing, performing and professional networking. Today I really went with the flow and didn’t swim against the current, though it felt at times that things were not going as I hoped or where I desired, I ended up right where I was supposed to be. It was one of those times where I recognized the
Laws of Least Effort. Although I’m updating and entering this entry with “super tardy” timeliness, I had a GREAT and productive day and I’m grateful for that.

Now on to the Chase. The Dogfather recently “crept” into Buffalo for a show and brought along Kurupt and Daz reuniting the Dogg Pound. So today, I thought to look into Snoops Awards Chess, however I didn’t find any gramophones, only nominations, about 12 nominations, but no Gold plated trophy to call his own. Once again, it just really has me thinking, regardless of how big of a “hit record” an artist drops, it just doesn’t ensure much of any sort of success regarding the Grammy’s outside of being able to write
“Grammy Nominated Artist” in your press kits and on your website. Being nominated is a high honor in itself, so in this case the phrase, “It’s not all about winning” truly applies. But I do wonder what Snoop has to say about it. I mean, this cat hat some really HUGE records, lets take a look at a few:

1995 – “Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang” – Best Rap Performance (group or duo) – Meth/Mary “You’re All I Need”winner

1996 “Gin and Juice – Best Rap Solo performance –
LL Cool J – “Hey Lover”winner

2003 – “Beautiful” – Best Rap Song – Eminem – “Lose Yourself”winner

There are many more nominations and close wins, but no cigar…
I’m starting to really question my quest as the days roll by, like, is it REAAALY as important to get a Grammy as I once thought it was?…
For me, a kid from Buffalo, the black hole of talent? YES…its THAT important, but the odds ain’t looking too good Cleatus!!