I’ve heard it said that “shopping can become and addiction.”
Here are a couple suggestions for you fabric fiends out there:
1) Try scraping the ice from your car windshield in 7 degree weather in ONLY your undergarments (undies, bra, tee, socks, etc.).
Desired result: You will realize that you dont need something NEW…you just need something ON!
Negative result: You may be SO addicted to shopping that you will sit your bare bottom, and house shoe covered feet into the 5 degree Farenheit car with freezing leather seats and proceed to the nearest Macy’s, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s to pick up a new wardrobe.
2) Take a look at some homeless person that you tend to see as ‘less fortunate” and recognize their contentment. They arent worried about how they look to anyone. We tend to call them crazy when we see them talking to themselves and laughing and smiling, meanwhile the joke may actually be on US and we are the source of their daily humor and comedy relief!


About Edreys Cultrue

Edreys Cultrue is the name given to an emerging brand which is actually re-introducing itself as an amalgamation of past award-winning efforts, business models and initiatives. Focused on delivering all things creatively developed by or in association with Edreys Wajed, Cultrue was birthed from the challenge of conquering fear and doubts that try to walk beside our every step to cast shade on your greatness. Our greatest obstacles are typically very close to home, namely ourselves; so through Edreys Cultrue and in the face of apprehension and second-guessing of one's purpose and abilities, our brand breathes a positive, refreshing "culture" of authenticity, inspiration and empowerment. Cultrue. View all posts by Edreys Cultrue

2 responses to “GO SHOPPING

  • Karen Halls

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

  • centerforrespitecare

    I’m sure you didn’t intend your post to be a big statement on homelessness, but as a blogger for a homeless agency, I can’t help but notice you hit on a kernel of truth here. The gift of homelessness, if there can be said to be one, is that some deeper truths of our existence are revealed. After living on the streets, it’s easier to appreciate just having clothes rather than the exact styles they’re in. Even working at this type of place, I’ve come to feel comfortable in whatever I wear (and no, we’re not slobs here!), realizing that I’m not being judged. Good point!

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