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At the Top of the Year, kicking it off with me being a featured artist in the first 2011 issue of the sleek, opulent and upscale magazine, “Traffic.” Check it out at Talking Leaves, Borders and/or Premiere Gourmet. Read HERE.

Through the years, I’ve heard many people refer to me as a Renaissance Man; one of many trades, roles and talents and interestingly enough I’m multi-tasking as I write this post. I’m in the kitchen with the laptop sitting on the counter aside bowls, knives and fruit ready to be chopped for the first breakfast of 2011. Being a dad and husband has always come first and it’s the job that I love most above any of the art, music and entertainment things that I’m involved in, so cooking and preparing food is my pleasure. My wife and I have also taken on our first major remodeling project of the year as I’m wearing dusty clothes from the demolition in our bathroom which has been underway for the past few days. So, in typical BDW fashion, the number of irons in the fire hasn’t decreased in the least bit.

Last year was a blast, given the back to back successes of “Shut the Gate,” “Just Doin’ It” and “Run” plus the “Run – Remix,” cumulatively boosting the Youtube stats to more than 1.6 million views of my top videos combined. Many thanks in part to the DTR45 staff, Tone X, Kate and Dom and friends.



It’s truly taken a very long time for me to recharge and refocus my efforts. Although many people have championed behind GMA and myself and shown a great deal of support and push, it has still remained a pretty lonely walk. The best analogy is how it’s said, “If you have a workout partner, your chances of holding fast to your workout goals and regimen are higher.” So basically, I’ve been really exhausting myself trying to stay SELF-Motivated. Leading up to this very moment, I’ve been going through a transformation and true realization of facts and concerns that needed addressing, which truly lends to the authenticity of this NEW video, RUN. Dig It.

from email blast:

Nearly one year ago to date, I was on a magical, vibrant and expansive equestrian farm shooting the video for “Shut the Gate,” the leading single off Good Morning Amy. In May, Director Dominic Luongo and I collaborated on the simple, sleek and special-effects driven “Just Doin’ It” video, which is climbing to 500k views on YouTube. Over the last few weeks we’ve been workin’ hard to bring you what we’ve dubbed a Long Form Video for the album’s third single, “Run.”

The visual treatment for “Run” is unlike any we’ve done thus far. Characters, sub-plots and time sequences develop organically in this video, which features many new talents, faces and locations both in and outside of Buffalo. It explores the deeper, darker side of Billy Drease as he goes through a physical transformation, experiencing love, pain, loss, recovery and renewal.

“Run,” produced by long-time friend and collaborator Trevor “TrevThorne” Drayton, is available oniTunes today. Check out a sneak peak of the video now and look for the extended feature to drop soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-cuxOVmSPk


Day 172 through Day 174 of the Grammy Chase, from the outside may seem like absenteeism and I honestly feel like I’m cheating by bundling, but this week has been all about preparation for the Good Morning Amy launch. The Album was made available on Day 173, or June 22 to great reception. The days previous were all media related as we were scrambling about trying to tie up loose ends. Today however is THE DAY. All that I could think of was “Sweet Dreams,” as the day of the release of Good Morning Amy is finally here. Tonight is the release party for which I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation.

My love to you all, whether you are in attendance or not. Thank you!!

And of course the video/song of inspiration. May you have Sweet Dreams!!!


Best Hip Hop Act – Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2010.
I hustled over to the Town Ball Room after an evening of soccer practice with the boys, knowing that I would be late for the awards ceremony. I went solo as I normally do to most events, arriving at around 745, thinking surely that I missed all of the food and ceremonies, as it started at 6 pm.  As I walk in, one woman approached me after only being inside all of maybe 5 minutes, she says, “I really hope that you win tonight?” Hmmm…Not sure where she saw me or how she knew me, but I graciously accepted and thanked her for her kind wishes. Shortly after she walked away, I got a text from Selina Kaye from Skunkpost congratulating me on winning. Apparently I missed the announcement. I wasn’t sure if she knew for sure, as I didn’t know she was even present. But once it was confirmed by a friend of Clark Dever’s, Chris Smith, then it hit me. WOW!…I’m not sure that I’ve ever won anything 2 years straight.

Thank you to everyone, even Melody for her ATLien best wishes, in helping me be recognized by the hometown and Artvoice. I truly appreciate it. Still on with the Grammy Chase, the coveted Gramophone!!!


The Why! I’m just as worthy as any other walking and talking musician and artist. Period!



Day 2 of researching on how to accomplish what would seem to be “impossible,” the Grammy nomination in 2011. Luck happens to some, but why depend on luck when efficient work ethic, diligence, networking and focus are much more rewarding. What’s earned is just and deserved.  So here are the stats:


  • 2009 Best Hip Hop Act Artvoice Best of Buffalo Award winner, 2009 Best Solo Performer Buffalo Spree Best of WNY Award winner
  • Buffalo native weighing in at 2000 lbs, standing at 300 ft and 2 inches
  • Emcee, Writer, Author and Producer
  • Multi-talented Visual and Musical Artist

In the Opposing Corner:

  • 308 Million citizens in the US (6.8 Billion in the World)
  • 62 Million amateur musicians
  • 161, 000 professional and employed musicians
  • 15,000 Grammy Submissions
  • 150+ judges
  • 110 Grammy Categories (31 Fields)

Just watch the MAGIC begin! Think I’m crazy?? GOOD!!!


Starts today! Follow the journey as it starts, right here, right now! Inviting you all, friends, family and associates to be a part of something impossible, because we DARE TO DREAM!!