Good Grief!! What happened to originality? Uniqueness? Well thanks to Kanye, everyone wants to be…umm.. Kanye. Thanks Kanye. The glasses were everywhere on the Warped Tour. The vendors made a nice penny I’m sure from the wannabe’s.

Shame on me for not thinking ahead of the curve and becoming a trendy vendor instead of a performer. LOL

DANG IT!! Just wait. My next move is so ahead though, I don’t think anyone will be ready for this one.

Jheri Curls, headbands, ripped shirts and muscles with provocative dance moves. Can you dig THAT!!??

I kept it low-res so the biters can’t jack my style right away. Hee Hee!!


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5 responses to “SEE WHAT I SEE

  • Uncle Lee

    Sup Dreys!
    I dunno bro, I can get with the originality and uniqueness, but you on your own when it comes to the Jheri Curls. Quick story, back in da day, Full Force performed at Syracuse University, during a “Greek Freak”. I felt sorry for the production staff and the people near the front of the stage. Jheri curl juice and activator everywhere. Folks were slippin and sliding, instruments were shortening out (Jheri Curl juice and electricity don’t mix) and the people near the front of the stage came out looking like a couple barrels of activator explded on em. We had to bring in a HAZMAT team to clean the stage afterwards…..Uniqueness and originality are cool, Jheri Curls………………….ahhhhh not so much:-)

  • t1x

    jheri for prez 2008!

  • goldi gold


  • Paulie Rhyme

    Yeah, you might have to rethink that one…lol. I was bugging though at those glasses at Warped Tour. They were everywhere! ughhhh…

  • alex

    love the blog, especially this post.

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