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With the Summer well underway, things are going to really heat up when the “CLASSICS” Cd drops. What is the “CLASSICS?” Most people would consider it a mixtape, which is specifically why I’ve avoided calling a mixtape. Please allow me to selfishly quote an incredible and wise man, who oddly enough happens to be myself…”I don’t make mixtapes, I make Classics.”
NOTE: Right about here I should thank Rameer from Official Heat for inspiring that line out of the mind of yours truly.

The reason I so stubbornly refuse to call it a mixtape is because I’m a purist. I remember when mixtapes were MIXTAPES. A product presented and listened to from and actual “tape cassette.” A product where DJ’s were actually “MIXING” and “scratching the records that you loved. SOOO…with that said…there are alot of fraudulent characters calling things mixtapes when they are actually on a Cd, which I, from the purist side of things have a problem with.

All that said, this CD does reflect the essence of a real “mixtape” with cuts by DJ LoPro and real dope music, properly blended and “MIXED” together in a cohesive and tasteful sequence. There are guest appearances as well from DJ Cutler, new artist Riella formerly Babii Doll, producer Great Don and back-up singer Mizike.

“Moving on”…The CLASSICS is a collection of some of the “best” hip-hop songs ever performed, but in instrumental form with new and original lyrics from Mr. Billy Drease. Let me also say, there is “NO FRONTING” on this product. Meaning, for those of you that buy mixtapes (cd’s) and actually believe that just because the track says “freestyle” that your favorite emcee is actually freestyling! PLEASE wake up! There is no freestyling on this cd, the material that you’ll hear was crafted specifically for each respective track is a structured song form. If I indicate something as a freestyle, it will be brand new, unwritten, unscripted and FRESH from out of my head as a TRUE freestyle should be. Meanwhile, enjoy the false advertising of freestyles on your favorite DJ’s mixtapes.

I’ll post the product real soon. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS IT!!


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