At the request of some friends, one of whom had a birthday on the day of the WBFO show, May 28, I am finally able to bring the journey from Spain, back home to the states, primarily Buffalo!

On May 28, I had the PLEASURE of being the first Hip Hop artist to perform on the stage Live at Allen Hall (UB South Campus) as a part of WBFO’s long running Wednesday Night concert series. I can’t thank the people at WBFO enough for the opportunity, professionalism, and hospitality. Alison, Bert, Ken, the stage hands, the volunteers, the sound man (by the way it sounded awesome on-air), Brenda and many many others. My apologies for not remembering everyone’s name.

I know its a couple weeks later, and many of you may have listened to the podcast already, but click the play button above to hear it again or to hear it for the first time, whichever applies.

Pictures from the WBFO show courtesy of Kenny Macdonald©.


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One response to “LIVE AT WBFO

  • dr_wisz

    I was there, I was that guy with the B-day and it was awesome. It was cool to see the pics. I was disappointed that your ‘shout out’ to me for my B-day was edited (probably for space) from the pod-cast…. I was hoping to hear it again and sample it!

    Great gig, good times… lets do it again?

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