Vitoria, Spain was our last stop on the tour and certainly the LIVEST spot. The picture above reveals a somewhat “Fast and Furious” cult-like privacy. As a matter of fact, the “Fast and Furious” comparison is pretty accurate now that I think about it in hindsight. This club location was soooo hidden and nondescript that we were RIGHT in front of it and had no clue as to the directions that the Club owner was trying to convey on the Promoters’ speaker phone. So here we are, finally in Vitoria after a 5 hour ride, right on time for sound check, sitting in a truck parked at the curb of an obviously and regularly busy street lined with high, wired fences with unmarked factory buildings on each side for as long as you could see, only broken by traffic light intersections. We tell the Club owner that we aren’t moving until he comes to get us, for it was way too confusing to follow his directions in risks that we would miss the rehearsal (sound). So literally in less than 2 minutes or even less, this white, tricked out civic comes speeding in the traffic lane going opposite of where we are pointing and “drifts” or whips towards our truck in a quick-turn about (180 degree) and stops a few feet short of the curb. It was the club promoter, (definitely “Fast and Furious” insipired)… He put his hand out the window and hinted that we follow. Within seconds we were winding through alleys that he knew like the back of his hand, and BAMM!!, we were at the club in no time at all, just like he said.

This was a private club with members only like a motorcycle gang, but this place was Hip-Hop Cultured to “death..or Def!! Crazy graffiti and great music throughout the night. And guess what?? NO violence or fighting. While here in the states, we tend to associate hip hop with violence, ALL the time…so as Don King would say “Only in America!!”


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