While in San Fran, I noticed something that made me chuckle. If there was a mexican restaurant with a mexican name, you’d better believe that the employees were of that decent. While here in Buffalo, ummmm….that MAY not be the case a majority of the time.
We actually just ate at a place in downtown Buffalo, where the cuisine was Mexican, but the people behind the counter didn’t look like they spoke one-lick of a foreign language.

(picture of the toilet at EL BALAZO)

I posted already about how good the burrito was that I ate in SF, but I didn’t talk about how UN-mexican the restaurants in Buffalo are. BUT, if you close your eyes while you eat your burrito, and throw a hot-air fan behind your neck, you might be able to imagine you were south of the border or out west..getting the real deal…but good look trying to find someone with that sweet accent.


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