Pick up your very own issue of Billboard at Borders or B&N for $6.99, and go right to pg. 63 for the Now Hear This Section. Thank you to all of my peoples that called and emailed with lots of love and encouragement regarding the feature.
Highlight response from the article: My son, who’s eyes nearly popped from his head when we visited Borders and I opened the magazine revealing the 6″ high picture of his dad. “That’s YOU! How did you get in there dad!!?” “Shhweeet!!!”

By the way, it was a great issue to be in as there are about 20 pages celebrating and honoring Quincy Jones’ 75 birthday, so it’s definitely a special issue.

Peace yall and thanks again!!
Media Music for the connect! Gregg Mann for the photo! Katie @ Billboard for the ears to believe!
Helmser, thanks for the call!!


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  • Dr_wisz

    This is very cool. I have been reading your blog (I think Jill and I were originally on the store’s mailing list), and following along. This is truly dope! I am a huge old-skool hip-hop fan and I can appreciate your respect of history and your groove! Congrats!!

  • Alanna

    Congrats on EVERYTHING! I’m so proud of you! I wish you continued succuess. Just remember me when you’re famous šŸ˜‰

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