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I get so angry when people get so wrapped up in themselves and think that their lives are so terrible, when they truly are most times better off than many other people going through much worse.

  • People complain and damn every Monday that comes around, meanwhile there are some people who had incredible hardship or tragedy over the weekend that won’t make it to see Monday.
  • Complaints on bad coffee purchased on-the-go, yet a man/woman on the street asking for 10 cents, a dollar or whatever change they can luck upon would LOVE to have a “bad” coffee to enjoy
  • Complaining about not finding a parking space close enough to the entrance of the supermarket…or pick any shopping store, mall or dive, forgetting that there are some people who may be paralyzed or injured or born deformed, that would trade places with a person who can walk from their car to the grocery store.

Enter DJ Gregory! How dare you complain. This guy was told that he would NEVER be able to walk since birth and 30 years later, with Cerebral Palsy, he committed to walking over 800 miles in 37 weeks. Yet, we find it hard to decide whether to drive our car or walk to the store 2 blocks away.


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One response to “OVERCOME

  • The Producer

    I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. I’ve found myself frustrated by the same things countless times over the years. There are so many people in this world that would trade places with you or I in a heartbeat, no matter how crappy of a day we may have had.

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