One of the MANY walls in Montreal adorned by urban artists, or graff writers. While in Canada I had the great pleasure of meeting a very interesting and creative mind named Steph (not her real name, for confidentiality). Steph showed popped up one evening outside of a club dressed as a human-sized bag of Ranch Dorito chips as if it were a regular outfit. Come to find out, for Steph, it was just that, quite ordinary to be in something funky, strange and unique to her personality. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Steph is a young lady. Anyhooo…the story behind the Doritos bag dress goes as such. She’s in love with Dorito chips, particularly Ranch flavored. Unfortunately, in Canada, she couldn’t find any Ranch chips within miles. So she called the Lays company, and confessed her love of their brand, and told them about her plight and lo and behold, she soon had more Dorito products than she could handle. Keychains, human-sized plastic bag overcoats, hats, not to mention bags of chips.
Well, the last of the interesting things I learned about Steph was she was a graff writer with a VERY interesting signature tag. See below! Her tag was EVERYWHERE we walked.




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