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I was recently having a conversation with a young man that I’m beginning to mentor and he was listing some of his favorite rappers and who he thinks is better than the other. He was saying how J. Cole is better than Drake and how Lil Wayne is hot, but he really isn’t feeling like he is dope for what he says, but that there is a lot of hype behind him. I brought some current rappers and even admitted that I don’t own one single Jay-Z album which is a shame, but honestly more of a jealous competitive decision to never buy and sit with one of the 10 or more classic albums, NUMBER 1 albums that he’s dropped.

Then we went further into the conversation and I brought up the fact that for a Southern rapper, Ludacris can give any upstate or east coast rapper a run for their money. One of the things we both agreed on was the fact that Luda had a dope voice and was very distinguishable. I then pointed out that I heard and saw with my own ears and eyes, in an interview with Luda, that he has insurance coverage on his voice as it is his means of living, which I thought was brilliant. Now, seeing as how my mentee is only 18, I figured that he wouldn’t remember one of the dopest rappers to ever touch the mic from the West Coast, originally by way of Texas, the D.O.C., so I thought to post this for him, because in light of Ludacris’ voice insurance, I only wish that such an option was considered so many years ago when the D.O.C. lost the complete range and full use of his original voice due to a near fatal accident, also making me think about how fortunate Kanye West is as well in surviving his accident. So, Jordan, this song is for you bro. DiG!



Day 91, with supposed summer like day in April, in Buffalo…hmm..not so bad. Yesterday, I visited Pauly Souffle, my Greek half/brother at his family restaurant with a new interior flare and remodeled remix to have a bite for lunch.  The spinach and feta omelette was ‘WHOOOHAAA!!!…Got me all in check!!” Can’t forget the Frank’s Red Hot!!
Well, he came out from the kitchen and we rapped a little bit during my brief stay, as it was lunch time and pretty busy in the joint, which is always a good thing. So he set’s me up with the question, “GUESS who’s coming to Buffalo on Friday?” He really had me fooled as if it was someone that I may want to actually take the time out and see. After 5 or so guesses, he reveals…Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Well, my reaction certainly didn’t send me out of my seat, but I must salute these guys for finding success by introducing such a unique and distinct style of rap/sing/flow. I can’t say that I could decipher a single word but it just goes to prove, it’s not what you say, but how you say it and they were REALLY good at kicking it in their own style.

With that said, in addition to Pauly mentioned the BTNH, it provided me with a Grammy Chase entry as they are Grammy Award winning artists. “Tha Crossroads” won Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 39th Annual Awards show in 1997. The video way up top, “First of the Month” was nominated for Best Rap Performance the year prior. Bone Thugs may be a few member short or they may have some scab/substitute rappers as the original gang can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Salute to Eazy E too!!


I guess I got my answer after pondering (read previous entry) on how Snoop Dog might feel about the Grammy’s seeing as how he has been nominated numerous times, but has yet to take an award home to his mantle. We’ll, the DoggFather has issued a statement, a pretty definitive one at that. Props to Curry Kid from OTTR (which broadcasts the Grammy Chase as a weekly segment.)


One of my favorite West Coast rappers. By far one of the best story-tellers in Hip Hop outside of Slick Rick, Nas and Scarface of course. But no one can say that they “penned” the lead off and most memorable track for two of the most gang and street depicting movies of the century. “Boys N the Hood” and “Menace to Society.”