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The only reason I’m bothering to post JLo’s video is because from an artistic videography point of view, I LOVE the colors, scenes, though a little “green screen” looking, the textures and shots of the video are very worth sharing and talking about. On a Grammy related note, JLo has only been nominated twice and rightfully so as she is an entertainer more than a music artist and I do believe there is a difference. One of the nominations was this song, “Waiting for Tonight,” but it seems that she’ll be waiting for eternity before being nominated for a Grammy again, as that was 10 years ago. Nevertheless, she CAN stamp her loooong and successful resume with the coveted “Grammy Nominated” tag which always tends to earn a few extra bucks. She is MORE known for the strapless, very revealing dress that she wore to the Grammy’s with Diddy some years ago.