Good Morning Amy, in my opinion is the most important body of work that I’ve created to date. I’ve invested all of my energy, creativity and faith into this 1 project. I’m a pretty well rounded individual with numerous talents and gifts enabling me to be able to compete in various markets and vocations, but for the past 3-4 years, many of my friends and family know that GMA is the culmination of time, dedication and many sacrifices. I’m just hoping that after its all said and done that it’s all been worth it. Why music? This entire time I could have been certified and licensed with some sort of skill. I could have completed a Masters Program. I could have traveled and wandered the world. But I chose music. How do I move forward knowing there may not even be a pay day? As children we marveled at rainbows because they looked tangible and so real that we assumed that if we followed it to the end our street, that we’d find a pot of gold. As adults we learn that a rainbow is just a refraction of light hitting water droplets. No gold. I’m preparing myself for that scenario in regards to the light that refracting from GMA.


About Edreys Cultrue

Edreys Cultrue is the name given to an emerging brand which is actually re-introducing itself as an amalgamation of past award-winning efforts, business models and initiatives. Focused on delivering all things creatively developed by or in association with Edreys Wajed, Cultrue was birthed from the challenge of conquering fear and doubts that try to walk beside our every step to cast shade on your greatness. Our greatest obstacles are typically very close to home, namely ourselves; so through Edreys Cultrue and in the face of apprehension and second-guessing of one's purpose and abilities, our brand breathes a positive, refreshing "culture" of authenticity, inspiration and empowerment. Cultrue. View all posts by Edreys Cultrue

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