I’m feeling like dedicating today’s Grammy Chase to LOVE. My entire quest has always been driven by discovering what it is that I TRULY LOVE to do. Among many things, like drawing, making music and writing, inspiring others has always been something that I was most passionate about and in love with. But one thing that has seemed to elude many people, no matter how wealthy or successful, is ‘LOVE’, whether love for self or more particularly the ‘Love of a Lifetime.’ I fortunately have found the Love of a Lifetime, and the couple who inspired me most was Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. Before Ossie’s passing in 2005, they were married for more than 50 years as lovers, business partners, activists, oscar nominated actors and most currently, GRAMMY WINNERS!…Isn’t that something? My favorite couple nominated for the coveted Grammy I’m chasing. At the 49th Grammy Awards, they were awarded Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Story Telling). This particular year, 2007, they were tied in sharing the award with Pres. Jimmy Carter.

I define success as making a lucrative career in doing something that you love and being able to share with someone that you love. May you find what you love to do and someone you love do it with.


About Edreys Cultrue

Edreys Cultrue is the name given to an emerging brand which is actually re-introducing itself as an amalgamation of past award-winning efforts, business models and initiatives. Focused on delivering all things creatively developed by or in association with Edreys Wajed, Cultrue was birthed from the challenge of conquering fear and doubts that try to walk beside our every step to cast shade on your greatness. Our greatest obstacles are typically very close to home, namely ourselves; so through Edreys Cultrue and in the face of apprehension and second-guessing of one's purpose and abilities, our brand breathes a positive, refreshing "culture" of authenticity, inspiration and empowerment. Cultrue. View all posts by Edreys Cultrue

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