Day 57 and what a wonderful day it is. I’ve actually found pleasure in waking up to another Grey Sky. I’m always happy to wake up to another day, but at times after compounding months of not seeing the sun in a blue sky, can do harm to one’s outlook, health and mental state. But today, I had to remind myself of a little trick, “if you can’t change the conditions, condition yourself to change.” So, Thanks Grey Sky for my new pair of eyes.

While I was shoveling and getting my SnowX90 workout, I thought about the Boys II Men song, “Let it Snow” and how beautiful it was and how it made the snow around the Holidays really feel like a special time. Although we’re nearly into March, it’s still a wonderful song. Soon, that thought hitched a ride onto another thought about “End of the Road”, then “I’ll Make Love to You,” and “Water Runs Dry” and so on. What I came to realize is that each of the aforementioned songs, outside of “Let it Snow” all had one thing in common, they were written by Babyface. I believe Brian McKnight co-wrote “Let it Snow.”

In brief, this post isn’t about Boys II Men, but about the MAN who has continually shaped and influenced the R&B genre, similar to how Smokey Robinson contributed to the Motown sound, Babyface has held the thrown as one of the best writers/producers in music. Among many, many, many accolades and awards, the proof of his genius and talent is evidenced in him winning Producer of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 1995, 1996 and 1997 consecutively. He won Best R&B Song in 1994 for the video song above “I’ll Make Love to You,” and Best R&B Male Vocal Performance that same year for his own song “When Can I See You Again.”

Babyface knows how to have everyone “crying” like a Baby, even grown@$$ men!


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Edreys Wajed is a catalyst of inspiration and a walking enterprise of all things creative. The Buffalo native boasts a toolbox chock-full with talents and experiences ranging from a visual artist, jewelry designer and musical entertainer, to an educator and entrepreneur with notable recognitions respectfully in each. His approach in each endeavor is soundly unique, high quality and signature in presentation, having found his course as a creator early in life. As early as 14 years of age, when his mother invested in a pair of hair clippers for him, seeing as she could no longer afford to pay for his haircuts, Edreys taught himself the trade of barbering and soon began making money for himself in the basement of his childhood home. With his artistic ability he also began growing a client base and reputation for customized hats and clothes as well as logo design by hand, long before learning graphics in college. His creativity, craftsmanship and passion to inspire people are what drives his spirit of entrepreneurship. From having run his own stationery boutique and art gallery shared with his wife; touring nationally and internationally as a hip hop artist, Edreys is exceptionally diverse with his avenues of expression, including the fine craft of jewelry making, passed down from his father and master craftsman. Edreys is most recently recognized locally for his contribution as an artist on the Freedom Wall which features 28 civil rights dignitaries, 7 of which he painted with his unique style and use of line. “Creativity is my neighbor, I live by it,” says Edreys. View all posts by by Edreys

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