Day 43 was spent lecturing and doing rhyme and beat demonstrations at Waterfront Elementary School in Downtown Buffalo. One of the things I love to do most is to interact and inspire the youth. I had 3 incredible sessions with students ranging from 6 – 8 grade of various backgrounds and ethnicities. I was somewhat embarrassed in one incident as I often engage the students by asking them direct questions regarding their hobbies, interests etc. So I ask one young lady if she had a hobby or anything that she like to do or was good at. Without saying anything, she shyly looked at her friend beside her with a blushing smile, which I read as her being bashful about her sharing her interests. So I asked, “Why are you looking at her? Does she know something about YOU that YOU don’t?” The class replied in unison, “She doesn’t speak any English.”….hmmm…

Well, I easily recovered but I did wish that I was able to speak her language or that she was able to understand what I was saying. Overall, the visit was a great success and I positively affected many students in encouraging them to Dream and muster enough passion to actually see it through to manifestation.  It’s always the small things that make the most impacting and lasting impressions on me. God Bless!


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