(One of the videos I was subjected to as a kid before Hip Hop was on MTV. I LOVED it though. Great music. 1984)
Art of Noise won a Grammy in 1987 for “Peter Gunn” featuring Duane Eddy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. But song above “Close” and “Moments in Love” were my favorites.

Day 38 of the Grammy Chase and ask me how I’m feeling… Why thank you for asking, I’m feeling GREAT! GREAT!! Today is Super Bowl Day and frankly it doesn’t mean a thing to me. I have no stake or interest in things like Professional Championship games whatsoever. What I DO have an interest in are things that I’m directly involved with like my children’s sports and recreation. Yesterday, Soccer Saturday as we like to call in, both of our sons had incredible games. The youngest (5) had 3 goals and the older (8) had 3 goals in his game later that day as well. THAT’s where I spend my time and energy, encouraging my pride and joys to be their best, athletically challenge themselves and display great sportsmanship. After the game they were both very poised and graceful, as well as grateful for a great game, but more importantly they had FUN. My wife and I always make sure that they have fun, as winning is good for the moral however, losing is good for character, but having fun supercedes all else as a child. I also got a good boost of encouragement regarding my Grammy Chase yesterday as I ran into an old friend of mine from many many years ago, Chris Mahn. He asked how the Grammy Chase was going and in my head I thinking “How in the world did he know?,” but apparently he stays up with the blog or most of my posts when he has time, as he has two children and a professional life as well. But it meant alot to me that a guy who I hadn’t run into since maybe high school or college, still gave me the same warm handshake and conversation as if we just saw each other yesterday. So today, I’m great and poised for the long journey ahead.

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