Day 29 of the Grammy Chase, now just 2 days away from the 52nd Annual Awards Ceremony, precisely why I’m acknowledging Two of the BADDEST musicians EVER! God Bless James Jamerson and Marvin Gaye, forever music Gods through their musical contribution. Marvin Gayes is my all-time favorite singer, writer, musician and performer for various reasons, but what made me look to him as an example of strength, courage and motivation is the story behind his album “What’s Goin’ On.” Motown and Berry Gordy had  a sound, a formula of which was to never be broken, tampered or challenged. Artists were to be artists, musicians were to play music and writers were to write with no co-mingling of either trade. Marvin basically gave Berry the finger and listened to his heart, the inner voice, while companions and associates claimed Marvin had lost him mind and went AWOL crazy. When Marvin delivered “What’s Goin’ On” the song, Berrry Gordy told him it was the worst song he had ever heard. Marvin protested to leave the label unless they released the song and with next to no support from Motown, the song found its way to #1 on the Billboard R&B charts, then causing Berry to shift gears and suddenly (just like a real-business man would do) believe in the possible success of more songs with the same feeling from Marvin. “What’s Goin’ On” is heralded as one of the best Top 100 records of all-time. I love Marvin for standing near, dear, sincere and ready to die for something he believed in. Music from the heart and soul. God’s gift.

James Jamerson played numerous Motown hit records that were nominated as well as awarded Grammy’s. If you are familiar with even a small percentage of the Motown catalogue, chances are highly likely that Jamerson was playing the bass on your favorite songs.


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