Day 9 of the Grammy Chase and still plowing ahead, with soooo much further to go. The days are just blowing by and here I am, just like the determined people with “Weight Loss Resolutions,” it’s already becoming a job to just make daily progress. However, I’m pleased to share that there have been many developments in just a short matter of time and I’m realizing that its just one large puzzle, a game of numbers, a bunch of arrows, sticky notes and connecting dots. So, last week, after launching this Grammy Chase campaign, I received an email from a DJ in Long Island, Kid Curry (WHUT UP!??) saying, “Hey man, I’m loving what you’re doing and you have my support and in the effort to push you forward, how about you do a weekly “call-in” to my radio show, Off The Top Radio.” 
So of course I accepted the opportunity, and I’m so appreciative for that brother’s extended hand of support, as I’m a proponent of cross-promotion and collective efforts. Always Bout It!!

To ADD to my excitement, he also said, “Hey, I just had an On-Air interview with this guy you may need to hook up with. He’s an emcee from Chicago who recently placed a song on the soundtrack for the movie The Blind Side and guess what….He’s also a voting member for the Recording Academy.” …So I’m like WTH!?? Ok. Let me check this cat out. I go to his myspace page and what do I see, pictures of him and his girlfriend in the balcony watching the Grammy’s. Pictures of him and other writers on the Red Carpet, the whole shot. This brother is an independent artist as well, and he was there in full-effect. Soooo…Consider this a step closer, for me and for you who’s reading this, for the same that I felt like I was worlds away from my dream, the bridges are forming, the gaps are closing and the trees are parting a little bit, so I encourage YOU to take the step as well. Every Marathon begins with ONE step. Not a Sprint. ONE step, then another..and another, slowly developing into a pace. Pace yourself and never look back. I’m with you all the way. Melissa F, you can do it girl. 

Let me send a Mighty Thank You to my friend Tammy Mayberry for re-posting my first Video Blog, promoting my venture. I must admit, I felt weird as heck doing it, because I’m an on stage performer ONLY when its time to perform, but regularly very quiet and behind the scenes, so to do a video blog was bit odd for me. Also, probably my biggest out of town supporters the INSANE Ohio State Buckeye Alum, The Frost family, as they’re always the first ones to hit me up and got my back like I’m about to be in a fight..they’re always ready to go to battle with me..LOL…I get emails from them like…”GRAMMYS!??…Yo man, let me know who we have to “take out.”…”Who do we have to holler at? Who do you need us to hurt?”…LOL….love yall.


About Edreys Cultrue

Edreys Cultrue is the name given to an emerging brand which is actually re-introducing itself as an amalgamation of past award-winning efforts, business models and initiatives. Focused on delivering all things creatively developed by or in association with Edreys Wajed, Cultrue was birthed from the challenge of conquering fear and doubts that try to walk beside our every step to cast shade on your greatness. Our greatest obstacles are typically very close to home, namely ourselves; so through Edreys Cultrue and in the face of apprehension and second-guessing of one's purpose and abilities, our brand breathes a positive, refreshing "culture" of authenticity, inspiration and empowerment. Cultrue. View all posts by Edreys Cultrue

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