Today’s drawing inspired by Day 6 Grammy Chase: Volare
Volare is Italian for Fly!

I’m really FLYING today! My spirit is up, my goals are set high, now all i need is a haircut and I’ll be sparkling. Since the inception of my Grammy Chase, many things began stirring fairly quickly. I dared to be greater than before and dream larger than ever and with that comes fear. Fear of heights. Fear of great heights beyond out imagination. Both literally and metaphorically, to deprive yourself of flying is to remain average and mediocre. The fear of the heights of success is most likely associated with the “fall.” What if I fall?, which you can substitute with the word “fail.” What if you fail? The answer to that is simple. You will fail! Failing and falling are easy and we’re all experts at it, so why fear it? What matters is how many times you commit to flying again.

Here’s a different way of looking at this fear of “falling” or “failing,” pose this question, “What if I land?”…Falling and landing are different. Not so scary now when you think of flying and chasing a dream, for you’re focusing on a landing which you know you’ll have to do eventually. A landing is more controlled, smoother and breaks your journey into shorter spurts and bursts as opposed to just “burning out” and thinking you’ll make it to your destination on the first take-off, certainly leading to “falling/failing.”

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