While we were waiting outside the Madrid bus station, there was a young lady sitting on the only available bench out front. She had her luggage tucked close to her person, big blonde hair, big sunglasses, big nails…It looked like she was doin’ it BIG!!! Who Knows!!

Well anyways, she split shortly after we exited the terminal, freeing the bench just in time, and also leaving behind her luggage sticker tag. She was going from Madrid (MAD) to DOH. We couldn’t figure out what DOH was, regarding country codes, but the sticker provided us a good inside joke the entire tour. Whenever money was brought up, which was frequent, one of us would always chime in with…”Making MAD DOE!!” (Thanks for the inside joke “lady of the bench”)

(The scene of the assualt)

You know the saying that we’ve all used at some point, to prove a point that everyone has a price, or as to say I don’t care what form its in, as long as its money, it will spend just the same!?! Well, All money AIN’T green! And it certainly all does not spend the same. There was a blue mobile vending unit right beside where we were sitting, and I needed to buy some cough drops, as my throat was feeling a little funny, and I was performing later in the evening. I approached the window, spotting the Halls, and did the…(I dont speak spanish…but “how much is that) with the foreign-inquiry head nod.

Vending Dude:”Noventa!” ($.90).
Me: Cool. Uno, por favor.

When I pulled out my American George Washingtons…you would swear that I put a filthy baby diaper on his counter. His shoulders went up to his ears, his face pruned up in disgust, and he backed into the chips rack at the rear of his small trailer. He shooed me with his hands like..”Get thee away from devil…I rebuke thee…” I couldn’t believe it. I would have had a better interaction if I just pulled out like two little lint balls and tried to barter with him for the Halls.

Wow! Our money sucks….AND…since neither of us exchanged our money yet (geniuses)…I didn’t get any Halls. So…”NO…ALL MONEY AINT GREEN!”


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One response to “ALL MONEY AINT GREEN

  • Tami Nelson

    I would like to just take the necessary time of letting Edreys know that I am very proud of him. I have had the pleasure of knowing Edreys since we were both 10-years-old. We graduated from City Honors together. I always knew success would find Edreys because he’s always been focused and positive. I sat front and center at his concert at UB tonight. There were tons of talent up on that stage. Edreys, I have put in a very special prayer for you and I believe in your dreams and drive. Keep on keeping on…its your turn, make sure you take it! I know that you are going to go much further than you would like to. You performed in Spain?! CRAZY!!!

    Much Love, Tami.

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