After boarding the flight that was Spain bound and getting comfortable/situated…I realized I was REAAALLY in for an interesting trip, concerning the language barrier that I would be encountering during the flight, as well as when I landed in Spain. I was going to be the minority in more ways than one on this journey.
The majority of the passengers seemed to be of Spanish-decent just judging by the number of conversations that were taking place throughout. I could only catch a couple of the words, as my spanish is super rusty, mi espanol es muy terrible…
But across the aisle from me, there was this older woman, lets call her (mi abuela)…that started a conversation with me that was “totally” non-verbal. It was so funny to me because it was very obvious that she spoke as much English as I spoke Spanish and that was made clear just by the look on our faces. So she didn’t even attempt to open her mouth to kick it with me, which was fine, because just in a few short hand gestures and facial expressions we had an exchange.

So the exchange went like this:
Abuela: reaches across and taps me on the arm
Edreys: turns around and smiles
A: smiles back
E: raises eyebrows
A: puts pointer finger up (as to say “hold on just a second)
A: pulls out two pieces of candy from her purse
E: shakes head with a smile (gestures “no thanks” with hand)
A: jingles two pieces of candy and points at her feet with her free hand
then points to the pocket on the back of the seat in front of me
E: looks and grabs airplane blanket and small bag of socks from out of the pocket
A: reaches for the travel socks in the small bag, exchanges candy into my hand
E: smiles and nods
A: smiles, nods and stuffs socks into her purse…leaned back in her chair and waited for the movie to begin

I offer Tone the other piece of candy as I keep the other…and all is well…all without a word being said except for Tone comment: “Wow! Candy for socks…That’s a weird trade…but not bad..”
Not bad at all…!

The meals on the plane, IBERIA Airlines, were absolutely delicious..and I still can’t figure out why.
I know I was hungry, but this food definitely had me forgetting that we were eating on a plane. Well, maybe it wasn’t that great, but I was surprised that it was good at all.

Speaking of “good”…Here is a good book to travel with. It’s a digestable book that can be consumed in about 7 hours or less. Really insightful.
SEEK JOY and HAPPINESS in all your days!!


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4 responses to “CANDY FOR SOCKS

  • tone x

    hey, since i came up with the title of this entry, i need my 3 grains of rice. oh nevermind i got the strawberry candy, fair enough!

  • Lex

    That was the FUNNIEST story!
    The best part of it is that I can picture this little lady taking the socks, giving you the candy and stuffing the socks in her bag. We all know some Abuelas that would do this. I am sure she has a whole collection of socks and blankets at home!

  • Jahah

    You are a dope dude man…yes I still say dope. Love the story Drease!



  • goldi gold

    damn, that meal lokks good, Airtran will bust out the sugar cookies and small glass of juice in a minute and the alchemist is a classic, I still don’t have 1 for myself but I bought about 5 of for diffrent people

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