My man, a TRUE old school baby, DJ Wisz already let me know he KNEW what time it was. I feel that there are generations that have missed out on what we experienced as teens. The teens today with ipods, mp3 players, zunes, macs, iTunes…WHATEVER…they will NEVER know the feeling of trying to restore their favorite cassette tapes with a pencil or a pen. Or setting the tape to the right spot so when you would hit record, there would be no blank-air on the tape, which was very crucial in catching your favorite song in its entirety. And you couldn’t just use ANY pencil, pen or marker…it had to be of a specific diameter to properly turn the wheels of the cassette. If you found the right one, man, how easy it was to just fast forward or rewind the whole tape while chatting, rapping, laughing or day dreaming in class.

…memories…excuse me as i retrieve Kleenex….

OH! But thanks to technology, I was pleased to learn that their is a USB Cassette device that can convert your old tapes into digital files, mp3 and waves. SCHWEEET!!!

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2 responses to “HOLY BLANK TAPES, BATMAN!!!!

  • dr wisz

    Oh yeah. I have done that a few times. This is how you got the tape past the leader so it was lined up correctly. So when you hit ‘record’ it was in the correct spot. The tale of the tapes….

  • edreysmusic

    its terrible to think that “Old Skool” for our kids will be…CD’s with scratches…instead of vinyl with scrathes…or cassette tapes with wrinkles and tangles…
    weeep weeep

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