More impressive designs…and one sure way to trip at the end of the conveyor because you are looking up.

The good thing is, about 10 feet away from the end of the conveyor is an automated voice, repeating…”conveyor is about to end..conveyor is about to end…
So, if you catch a bad tumble, trip over your luggage and your draws and socks fall from your carry-on, because you were magnetized by the lights….”Your Bad!!!”

And Oh Yeah…here is the REMIX for the all the “steppers” in the “CHI”…
A shiny new dance floor…no need to thank me!!



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  • Uncle Lee

    Those lights are mad cool…………….until your flight is canceled and you end up wandering aimlessly around the aiport for 5 hours while corporate travel tries to find you a place to stay:-) Funny how quickly those same beautiful, mesmerizing lights turn into………….those @#$%^&*^# lights……….I wish someone would shut em off………….lol But it’s all good, they soon regain their beauty after a tall Sam Adams and a few slices of Chicago’s finest deep dish pizza.

    In the immortal words of Dr. Dre….”I’ve been there……..I’ve done that!

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