I can’t believe how much music and technology have changed over the years in relatively a short manner of time. From balancing a heavy, 8 – D Battery powered boom box on our shoulder to clipping a small iShuffle to our clothes…MY OH MY how things have changed.
How many of you remember when the Walkman was the IN thing? Tape cassettes were the only option and once that joint wore out from getting continuos play, pardon the pun, but it was TRULY a RAP for your tapee. As the late Notorious BIG would say..”I let my tape rock til the tape pop.” Some of the cheaper Walkmans had only 3 buttons: Stop, Play, Fast Forward or Rewind. And depending on what side of the tape you were listening to, in order to hear your favorite song again you had to take out the tape, flip it, pop it back in and hit either REW or FWD to advance on the reverse side, just to get to the right part on the other side..MAN!!! The real heads know what I’m talking about.


And now look at the cycle of things, the 8o’s are coming back, which to me seems kinda corny since a guy like myself has never forgot those memories which are in my heart. As my man Trev (Black Bauer) would say…”They are studying to become B-Boys, meanwhile we have polaroids.”

FRESH..for 88..you suckaaaaas


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